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Old March 17th, 2019, 10:09 PM
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Post Best Virtual Tabletop for Traveller?

I used to use GRIP iPC master and client licenses to play Traveller. I owned 5 client and one master license. It supported the rolling, maps, and had (IIRC) fog of war support. It wasn't loaded up with complex data models for characters and rulesets. It did what I needed.

Now, many years later, I'm looking at trying online PnP Traveller with the aide of a Virtual Tabletop (VTT).

I have looked at Fantasy Grounds, Map Tool (and its associated tools), Roll20, EpicTable, D20Pro, Skirmish VT, and GM Forge (the latter on Steam). They all seem to have some nice features.

My 'things to avoid' are: Expensive subscription fees for me or my players (and yes $7-15/mo is a deal breaker), expensive support for integration of characters or rules ($25-30 is too much), and I don't want something that isn't somewhat adaptable.

I tend to run 'non-standard' games (in D&D, Traveller, you name it) so there are often non-standard attributes, combat rules, sometimes extra skills or changed skills, etc. For me, the VTTs that have heavy integration tend to lock down an understanding of charactes and rules (to get automation) and thus they don't work well for me.

My needs in a VTT:

1. Die rolling support:Ideally ones where I can write some macros that I and players can use to get something like "Bob rolls 8 (2D6) + 2 (Laser Weapons) = 10". I have no issues writing macros or scripts as long as I don't need to compile binaries to get this sort of result.

2. Map display: The ability to load a map, superimpose a grid, move around the grid, and have Fog of War (players only seeing what the GM says their characters can see). It need not have walls/door definitions or lighting as long as I, as GM, can reasonably easily paint/clear map regions then serve the result to the players.

3. Chat that lets me and players communicate with the group and separate channel for GM to single player. I'd like the chats to be saved.

4. The ability for the GM to manage the movement of characters on the map (some wiseacre is always going to screw around...) if needed. That definitely needs to be there if the VTT lets player movements automatically reveal things on the map. If they can move but that movement won't reveal anything until I authorize it, that could still work.


- Something to help keep track of initiative values. (Not a necessity)
- Good quality built in voice chat would let me not use Skype in the background. (Not a necessity)
- An ability to define a character sheet or upload an image of one that can be referenced through the tool. It need not have a backing data model, just the ability to look at a file and see stats/skills/gear/etc. (Not a necessity)
- If it had easy definition of walls, doors, light sources of different shapes on the map to make fog of war handier, that would be handy.

So, anyone have a particular VTT to argue for? I'm glad to hear arguments.

What do you use?
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