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Classic Traveller Discussion on the granddaddy of them all, Classic Traveller!

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Old January 9th, 2004, 11:22 AM
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If someone said that they had gotten permission from Marc Miller to re-do Classic Traveller and update for a new era, would you buy it?

Think about it. I have read all the threads on Combat and Experience and other topics here. I have a rough but pretty good idea I think about what people want from Traveller just by looking at the posts.

I came up with a similiar list as a wishlist for T5 but we know that Marc Miller from the playtest stuff has other ideas about skills/tasks and other things.

What if someone could persuade Mr. Miller to let them re-write the Classic rules for today's world?


1. A mix of CT/MT chargen to give more skills but still keep balance.
2. Scientists (Challenger) rules for higher-ed.
3. Alien Race rules for chargen integrated with core rules.
4. A quick gen schema like T5 or maybe Andy Slack's House Rules.
5. Computer Software Support Util for chargen.

Task System

Digest Group Task System -- nuff said.


1. Penetration versus armor rules ala AHL/Striker
2. Action scheme like maybe At Close Quarters.
3. Range Rules like Snapshot.
4. Explosives rules to Andy Slack rules.
5. Better Damage rules.
6. Optional hit location rules.
7. Guidelines for damage against vehicles.


1. Book 2 and 5 rules merged with some MT for vehicle/starship construction.
2. Old CT deckplans still valid.
3. Better computer/tech rules based on some thinking about Moore's Law. (fyi, all computer descriptions twenty years later will look dated)
4. Software program like Highguard type app for Starship design of stats.
5. Lots of Deckplans


Clear simple experience rules not based on chance like maybe Andy Slack's House Rules.


1. Better detailed animal fauna/flora creation.
2. Better Trade Rules (T4 style I heard was good)
3. Better system generation that is simple. (software program maybe)


1. EPIC scenario system
2. Updated tech chart
3. Library data in sections: Combat, Vehicles, Imperial (lots and lots and lots of details)
4. Sample system: map, detail
5. One solo adventure on this world
6. One multi adventure in this system


1. LBB style black with the red stripes but with an ingrained picture near the top like the T5 binder mock-up on the traveller5 page. Best picture is in the milleu 200 section.

2. Lots of good art like Bryan Gibson but stay away from the overly cartoonish stuff. Comic book stylized pics like Bryan Gibson's stuff is great for interior pics but cartoony like the Sunday paper is not good.

3. Thumbnail pictures for major pieces of equipment and weapons. We all know what an air/respirator looks like but Battle Dress and a gauss rifle and a snub auto pistol, no.

4. Adventure seed ideas sprinkled throughout from different milleus.

5. Lots of equipment and armor and weapons and vehicles. More stuff!!

6. Updated tech descriptions in general. (Any rules for tech after a sufficient amount of time will look in retrospect dated unless you abandon the hard science part of Traveller.)
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