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Old May 30th, 2017, 03:27 AM
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Peter Newman Citizen
Default Post your T20 character

Baron Sir Neville Saint John Worthington haut Sinclair, Baronet (OIH), KCOG, Cmdr IN (retired), Count Kudebek (honorary). Medals PH x 2
L11 Humaniti HW = Gheelis Belt 0504 Ley B000511-C Age 43
Academic 1/Navy 4/Noble 6

STR 10 DEX 12 CON 12 INT 16 EDU 13 WIS 10 CHA 16 SOC 19 PSI 3 (tested but untrained, strength too low for his potential Teleportation abilities to be worth training).

Stam = 54 LB = 12 Fort +4 Ref +5 Will +10 Init +5
Liason +25 (yes, really), Gather Info +19, Gunner +14, Bluff +12, Intimidate +11, K/Nobility +10, Pro/Admin +9, P/Legal +7 Sense Motive +6, T/Commo +6, T/Computers +6, T/Sensors +6,Appraise +5, Bribery +5, K/Solomani +5, Recruiting +5, Decipher Script +4, Forward Observer +4, Gambling +4, Handle Animal +4, Entertain/Dancing +4, Pilot +4, K/Astrography +3, K/Imperial History +3, T/Medical +3, Search +3, P/Writer +2, Ride/Horse +2, T/Engineering +2, T/Mechanical +2, Use Alien Device +1

Languages - Galanglic (native), Vilani, Anglic (Modern Solomani), Anglic (Rule of Man), Anglic (Terran Confederation), Gvegh, Hiver, Irktolak, Sylean, Old High Vilani, Old Sylean, Zhodani, Gvurrdon, Trokh, at least one more

Feats - Vehicle/Grav, Armor/Vacc Suit, ZeroG/LowG Adaptation, Research/Military, Armor/Light, Weapon/Lasers, Weapon/Marksman, Weapon/Swordsman, Vehicle/Starships, Damage Control, Connections/Nobility, Ship Tactics, Trustworthy, Persuasive, Weapon/Ships Weapons, Improved Initiative, Leader, Weapons/Field Artillery, Connections/Academic, Skill Focus K/ ? (never picked, added to Academic class after I play-tested this character)

Melee +6 Ranged +6
Sword [+2 Keen] +8 1d8+2 pierce
Snub Pistol (w/ MW Ammo] +7 (dam varies by ammo type)

TAS Memberhip, Cr (carried) 30,000+, Cr (in his cabins gun safe) 150,000 Cr (in ships safe) about 2.2 million cash in bills and another Cr 5,000 in coins, Valuable in Mercenary Corporate Stock [MCr 15.01 based on purchase value,more like MCr 500 base on current value], MCR 1 in War Bonds, three CR 100,000 outfits to wear to the Moot (but apparently he was still under-dressed), other fancy clothes, two floating wardrobes to hold it,some nice jewelry, several more fancy swords, various expensive gear, Bottle of 100 Psi Special drugs [Zhodani military issue], Imperial Stationary, Blank, 10 sheets (when he tried to give it back to the Emperor Neville was told he could keep it, but he'd better not use it for anything inappropriate), the Moot Proxy of an Archduke (who couldn't make it, but Neville was headed that way anyway and had just done him a favor), the best spacesuit TL 15 can buy (from Vincennes), a Darrian Gravitic 6G thruster pack, a ships cat, lots and lots of valuable but not useful on an adventure wedding gifts, a few nice books, a Zhodani Meditation crystal, some 1,400 year old copies of the Odyssey and the Illiad printed in Anglic on Terra, quarters on Wypoc,an apartment on Mora, a small condo on Capital/Core, use of another small apartment and a Grav flyer on Capital, a Darrian Flame sculpture (modern era), some High Passage Coupons, MCR 1 in Life Insurance for himself and his wife.
Cohort (from Leader) = NPC Wife Tasha (also with lots of money, TAS Membership, and some fancy gear), Followers = Vargr ships crew/goons
The campaign is over and Neville, his wife, and the Vargr are on their way back to Ley Sector. Neville will serve as 13th Baron Gheelis (Mom retired) and have children.
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Old October 3rd, 2020, 09:14 AM
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Werner Citizen+Werner Citizen+

Here's mine:
Cybelle Gardner Female Human Noble 6 :
Medium Humanoid (Human):
SD: 6d6+12 ; ST/LB: 36 / 14 ;
Init: +1 ; Spd: 6 m;
AC: 19 ( +8 ARMOR (AR) , +1 DEX );
Base Atk: +3; Grp: +4 ;
Atk: Laser Pistol +4 Ranged ( 2d10 / 2 ) and
Laser Pistol +4 Ranged ( 2d10 / 2 ) or
Broadsword +4 Melee ( 2d6+1 / 19-20) or
Broadsword +7 Telekinesis. ( 2d6+4 / 19-20) or
Fist +4 Melee ( 1d3+1 / 2 );
Full Atk: Laser Pistol +4 Ranged ( 2d10 / 2 ) and
Laser Pistol +4 Ranged ( 2d10 / 2 ) or
Broadsword +4 Melee ( 2d6+1 / 19-20) or
Broadsword +7 Telekinesis. ( 2d6+4 / 19-20) or
Fist +4 Melee ( 1d3+1 / 2 );
Space/Reach: 1.5m;
SQ: Telekinesis (Psi Training), Teleport (Psi Training),
Sense (Psi Training);
SV: Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +8;
Str 12, Dex 12, Con 14,
Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 18,
Edu 13, Soc 18, Psi 18.
Skills and Feats: Appraise+3, Bluff+5, Bribery+5,
Craft (Gunsmithing)+3, Craft (Weaponsmithing)+3,
Driving (Vessel/Tracked Vehicles)+2, Entertain (Sing)+5,
Entertain (Dance)+5, Gather Information+5, Intimidate+5,
Innuendo+4, Knowledge (Court Politics)+2, Knowledge (Terra)+2,
Leader+7, Liason+5, Profession (Model)+5, Pilot (Vessel/Starships)+4,
Pilot (Vessel/Grav Vehicles)+3, Pilot (Vessel/Ship's Boat)+3,
Sense Motive+4, Swim+2, Telekinesis (Psi Training)+13,
Teleport (Psi Training)+9, Sense (Psi Training)+9;
Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium, Vac Suit),
Weapon Proficiency (Swordsman, Lasers, Marksman),
Vessel (Starship, Grav Vehicle), Psi Training, Ambidexterity.
Possessions Carried Combat Armor TL 14, Laser Pistol, Laser Pistol,
Broadsword, OTHER POSSESSIONS Yacht (Type Y),
Ship's Boat, Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicle, Speeder.
Money 900 pp (Cr900,000), 900 gp (Cr90,000), 900 sp (Cr9,000), 1000 cp (Cr1,000) = total cash value MCr1
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Old October 6th, 2020, 04:00 PM
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Werner Citizen+Werner Citizen+

HEIGHT:175 cm, ft. in.MASS:49 kg lb.EYESBlueHair:Blonde, long
HANDEDNESS:AmbidextrousRANK:BaronessTAS MEMYes
CON14+214+2STA Dice:6D612
INT14+214+2Lift O Hd58.5 kg or 128.9925 lb.Max Load58.5 kg or 128.9925 lb.
EDU13+113+1Lift O Grd117 kg or 257.985 lb. 2
WIS16+316+3Push O Dg292.5 kg or 644.9625 lb.5
Armor (AR)RaceDexSizeMiscTempPenalty
ARMOR WORNCombat Armor TL 14
WILL+11+8+3+0+0Speed6 m or 20 ft.4 hex/sq.
Weapon:Laser PistolAtk Bns+4Dmg:2d10Critical2Range:36 m120 ft.
Weapon:Laser PistolAtk Bns+4Dmg:2d10Critical2Range:36 m120 ft.
Weapon:BroadswordAtk Bns+4Dmg:2d6+1Critical19Range:1.5 m5 ft.
Weapon:BroadswordAtk Bns+7Dmg:2d6+4Critical19Range:1.5 m 5 ft.

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Old October 6th, 2020, 09:27 PM
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Werner Citizen+Werner Citizen+



No Yes Appraise +3 1 + +2 Int
Yes Yes Balance +1 0 + +1 Dex
No Yes Bluff +5 1 + +4 Cha
No Yes Bribery +5 1 + +4 Cha
Yes Yes Broker +2 0 + +2 Int
Yes Yes Climb +1 0 + +1 Str*
No Yes Craft (Gunsmithing) +3 1 + +2 Int/Dex
No Yes Craft (Weaponsmith) +3 1 + +2 Int/Dex
Yes Yes Disguise +4 0 + +4 Cha
Yes Yes Driving (Vessel/Tracked Vehicles) +1 0 + +1 Dex
No Yes Entertain (Singing) +5 1 + +4 Cha
No Yes Entertain (Dancing) +5 1 + +4 Cha
No Yes Entertain (Comedy) +4 0 + +4 Cha
No Yes Entertain (Dramatic Acting) +4 0 + +4 Cha
No Yes Entertain (Musical Instrument) +4 0 + +4 Cha
No Yes Entertain (Poetry) +4 0 + +4 Cha
No Yes Entertain (Storytelling) +4 0 + +4 Cha
Yes Yes Forgery +2 0 + +2 Int/Dex
Yes Yes Gambling +2 0 + +2 Int
No Yes Gather Information +5 1 + +4 Cha
Yes Yes Handle Animal +4 0 + +4 Cha
Yes Yes Hide +1 0 + +1 Dex*
No No Innuendo +4 1 + +3 Wis
No Yes Intimidate +5 1 + +4 Cha
Yes Yes Jump +1 0 + +1 Str*
No No Knowledge (Court Politics) +2 1 + +1 Edu
No No Knowledge (Terra) +2 1 + +1 Edu
No Yes Leader +3 3 + + Int/Cha
No Yes Liaison +5 1 + +4 Cha
Yes Yes Listen +3 0 + +3 Wis
Yes Yes Move Silently +1 0 + +1 Dex*
Yes No Pilot (Vessel/Starships, Grav Vehicles) +4 2 + +2 Int/Dex
No No Profession (Model) +5 2 + +3 Wis
No No Read/Write Language (Aslan) +1 1 + + n/a
No No Read/Write Language (Latin) +1 1 + + n/a
No No Read/Write Language (Greek) +1 1 + + n/a
Yes Yes Recruiting +1 0 + +1 Edu
Yes Yes Ride +1 0 + +1 Dex
Yes Yes Search +2 0 + +2 Int
No Yes Sense Motive +4 1 + +3 Wis
No No Speak Language (Aslan) +1 1 + + n/a
No No Speak Language (Latin) +1 1 + + n/a
No No Speak Language (Greek) +1 1 + + n/a
Yes Yes Spot +3 0 + +3 Wis
Yes Yes Survival +3 0 + +3 Wis
Yes Yes Swim +1 0 + +1 Str
Yes No Telekinesis (Psi Training) +8 4 + +4 Psi
Yes No Teleport (Psi Training) +6 2 + +4 Psi
Yes No Sense (Psi Training) +6 2 + +4 Psi
Yes Yes Trader +3 0 + +3 Wis
Item Location Wt
Combat Armor TL 14 Worn 6 kg or 13.23 lb.
Laser Pistol Belt, left side holster 1.2 kg or 2.646 lb.
Laser Pistol Belt, right side holster 1.2 kg or 2.646 lb.
Broadsword Back baldric 2.5 kg or 5.5125 lb.
Armor Proficiency ( Light, Medium, Vac Suit)
Weapon Proficiency ( Swordsman, Lasers, Marksman)
Vessel ( Starship, Grav Vehicle)
Psi Training

Cybelle is the daughter of Henry and Ambrosia Gardner, Henry Gardner is an Admiral in the Third Imperium Navy, a baron, and an administrator for the Imperial military occupation government of Terra.

Ambrosia Florine Gardner was a professional model and actress on Terra, she was a beloved star and is a well beloved celebrity, well known and admired by the people of Terra. Ambrosia grew up as an orphan on the mean streets of New York City, where she began her career in a modeling agency due to her uncommon beauty, later on she auditions for and got the part in a holovid remake of Gone With the Wind, where she won the part of Scarlett O'Hara, it was during the recording of that holovid that she met her future husband, the Imperial baron Henry Gardner, a descendant of the royal family of Winsor in the UK, he was a commander in the UN Space Force during the War between Terra and the First Imperium, because of his courage and success in battle, he was granted the title of Baron in the Rule of Man.

Henry Gardner is a descendant of a long line of barons, always switching to the winning side of history, and built up a power base in Terran System. Henry and Ambrosia married in a big ceremony with a lot of notable celebrities in attendance, the two moved into their home in Columbia, South Carolina, and there they raised their only daughter Cybelle and sent her off to boarding school as they toured Charted Space. Cybelle grew up in boarding school with occasional visits with her parents, and then attended college, upon graduation she moved into her family residence in Columbia, SC, where she now resides.

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Old October 6th, 2020, 09:58 PM
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Werner Citizen+Werner Citizen+


Yacht (Type Y)
Ship's Boat
Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicle
900 platinum coins Cr900000
900 gold coins Cr90000
900 silver coins Cr9000
1000 copper coins Cr1000
Total Experience
15000 xp
XP needed for next level
21000 xp
LANGUAGES Galanglic Read/Write and Speak
Aslan Read/Write and Speak
Latin Read/Write and Speak
Greek Read/Write and Speak

Cybelle is a tall thin blonde beauty, she is a successful actress, and is their to the Gardner family fortune and the noble title of baroness, she travels around her family yacht, and has a number of vehicles at her disposal and receives an allowance of five million credits per year, she has a large number of would be suitors who's motives she questions. Cybelle is not ready to settle down just yet, she travels around looking for things to keep her busy, and has been the target of a number of kidnapping attempts, all of them unsuccessful so far. Cybelle has a security detail to keep her well protected and the crew of her Yacht to take her where ever she wishes to go. Cybelle often admits that she is a spoiled princess, and she is looking for something to do, and for some meaning in her life.
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Old October 13th, 2020, 11:02 AM
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Werner Citizen+Werner Citizen+

HOMEWORLD:PrometheusGENDER:MaleD.O.B.:November 13, 1079
StarportSizeAtmosphereHydrographicsPopulationGovernmentLaw LevelTech Level
Excellent installation11200 kmDense0.51000000000Captive governmentAll firearms except shotguns prohibited.Technical maximum Imperial
HEIGHT:185 cm6 ft.1 in.MASS:67 kg148 lbs.EYESBlue
CON15+215+2STA Dice:6d8+12
INT16+316+3Lift O Hd78.7Max Load78.7
EDU13+113+1Lift O Grd157.42
WIS13+113+1Push O Dg393.55

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