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Old January 16th, 2008, 08:33 PM
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Default Starting Gurps Traveller - need advice...


I've gone back and read most of the newbie threads on this, but there are still some things that I need some advice on.

First, some background - I'm a long time Traveller player with tons of legacy product from CT, MT, TNE, T4 as well as a hefty load of Gurps Traveller stuff (GT 2/e, BTC, First In, Far Trader, Starports, Star Mercs, Aliens 1 & 2). My players have a varied background, but none have ever played Gurps. While I have Gurps 3/e and compedium, I've never actually run or played Gurps.

I'm looking to run the Sci Fi equivalent of Dungeon Fantasy Adventures - i.e., a Gurps Lite+ powered game. Intent would be to hand the players Gurps Lite, some pages with defining whatever additional advantages and skills I chose to include, and character templates using only those skills and advantages. Gurps character creation, while powerful and customizable, can be overwhelming to the uninitiated, so I want to make this as quick and easy as possible for folks. The game will be in the Spinward Marches and use both GT and legacy materials.

Onto the questions:

A - 3rd ed or 4th ed? I have 3rd ed and the upgrade kit. I'm willing to get 4th ed if its worth it. I'm already reworking the templates, so there's no more work to using 4th ed for that. Many (most) of the NPCs are CT, so the conversion effort will be the same there as well. The real question is whether 4th ed is that much better in its mechanics. As to the crunchy bits.....

B - Crunchy bits - I'm seriously considering keeping Traveller Tech levels and using some other engine for vehicles/spaceships/guns with all the damage converted back to Gurps. This would negate some of the 4th ed / 3rd ed issues, I think. Guns, guns, guns & VDS from BTRC, the old Fire, Fusion and Steel from TNE and the T20 stuff are all candidates. Anyone have any experience with this?

C - What skills and advantages not in Gurps Lite are essential?

Has anyone tread this path before? Help?

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