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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Default [Shipyard] List of Imperial and Solomani Starships

Here's a list of mostly canonical small (i.e. Adventure-Class) starships for Traveller. Anybody got any favorites I missed? Which ones are in the T5 Core book that I've missed?

Draft Versions

Imperial - A-BS11 Free Trader
Imperial - A2-BS12 Far Trader [pendragonman]
Imperial - E-DU55 Gazelle
Imperial - K-BA12 Safari Ship
Imperial - L-DC12 Lab Ship
Imperial - M-FC13 Subsidized Liner
Imperial - M2-HS24 Brilliance-class Liner
Imperial - S-AL22 Murphy-class Scout
Imperial - Y-EU42 Yacht
Imperial - X-AC04 Xboat
Imperial - XQ-AU06 Disguised Express Courier [copperhamster]

Solomani - SX-BS34 Fleet Courier [murdoc]

Up For Grabs

Imperial - A-AL82 Blockade Runner
Imperial - A2-BS12 Starhome
Imperial - A2-8S23 Speculative/Spice Trader
Imperial - C-DA43 Patrol Cruiser
Imperial - C-HU33 Mercenary Cruiser
Imperial - E-KU64 Chrysanthemum
Imperial - E-KU64 Fer-de-lance
Imperial - F-KS13 Oberlindes Freighter
Imperial - F-Q2U14 Tukera Freighter
Imperial - F-TS13 Dakaar
Imperial - G-DU44 Route Protector
Imperial - G-VS33 Sydkai-class Frigate
Imperial - J-AL22 Prospector
Imperial - K-AS22 Light Excursion Ship
Imperial - M2-KS14 Long Liner
Imperial - P-CS63 Smuggler
Imperial - P-DU32 Corsair
Imperial - R-DA11 Subsidized Merchant
Imperial - R-EU12 Maru Merchant
Imperial - R-TU43 Leviathan
Imperial - S-AA22 Serpent
Imperial - S-AA82 Racing Scout
Imperial - S2-DB23 Donosev
Imperial - Imperiallines Frontier Transports (TI/TJ)
Imperial - X-KU11 Xboat Tender
Imperial - Y-BU81 Racing Yacht
Imperial - Y-FS13 Luxury Cabin Cruiser

RCES - G-FB35 Aurora Clipper

Potentially helpful writeups: (more writeups on page 3)

Cutpurse-class Smuggler. Synopsis. Built from a custom 100-ton lift-body hull, the Cutpurse is a “trader”, or more correctly, a blockade runner/smuggler ship, built for those who defy world or corporate regulations in transporting small, highly valuable cargos. It is fitted with the Gayle Field type V1 jump drive, the Degani D Number 18 maneuver drive, and the Deltic Mk8868-D power plant, giving performance of Jump-2 (but read further) and 8G acceleration. Fuel tankage of 26 tons supports 2 weeks of operations and one jump-1. On the bridge is a computer Model/5, with a semi-organic brain which can handle most shipboard functions when required. The sensor suite includes a jammer, and the hull is stealth coated to prevent detection. It can carry 6 tons of cargo and has an extra stateroom. The ship carries one smallcraft: a 10t fast boat, which itself has a 4.5 ton cargo hold.

Combat. The ship is not equipped with combat in mind; nevertheless, a triple beam laser turret is installed.

Operations. The blockade runner is deployed from a mothership hiding in the outsystem, or hidden in the atmosphere of a gas giant, or standing off one parsec away, perhaps in deep space. It sets a coasting course if stealth is needed, or else rockets in at high speed and brakes all the way down. After landing, it transfers cargo, fills its tanks, then roars out at full speed, outrunning missiles or pursuit craft, and jumps to rendezvous back with the mothership.

Needless to say, it requires a highly skilled crew. Plus, it is technically low on fuel; if a Jump-2 were attempted, the crew is likely to die in transit when the ship's fuel runs out and the jump field catastrophically fails. So, this is a government- or corporate-only specialized ship, when need dictates something that can deliver or gather up someone or something, through a blockade if it has to, and in a hurry. In one highly unusual situation, the crew survived a 2-parsec jump by carrying extra fuel in the cargo hold; however, this is not a recommended practice.

Broadsword-class Mercenary Cruiser. Used extensively in the outer areas of the Imperium, the Broadsword class mercenary cruiser is designed to perform light military functions over extended periods of time and with great coverage of distance. The cruiser design was specifically commissioned by the Imperium, and examples are used by independent military organizations operating with Imperial approval. In effect, mercenary organizations serve to enforce a basic policy of peace and order in areas where the lmperium itself does not have the resources.

Using an 800-ton hull, the mercenary cruiser is built to carry small troop units for corporate or government operations. It is equipped with the Glisten Engines 3xm jump drive, the ISMM Model M35 maneuver drive, and the LSP Power M power plant, giving performance of Jump-3 and 3G acceleration. On the bridge is a computer Model/5. The ship carries 2 modular cutters, 2 spare modules, and one air/raft. The hull is unstreamlined.

Built in Regina's orbit, the Javelin was built on contract for Sir Matiin's Royal Dragoons, an elite platoon of soldiers cross-trained in infantry and vehicle combat. Fuel tankage of 272 tons supports the power plant for up to 3 weeks and provides fuel for one jump-3. It has fuel scoops and a purification plant. There are 28 staterooms, and no low berths. The ship has eight hardpoints: 3 triple laser turrets, 1 particle accelerator barbette, 3 triple missile turrets, and one salvo rack bay is installed. The two spare cutter modules are vehicle modules, each with 3 Torgee-1 Grav Tanks (T5 VehicleMaker, chapter 16, p.22). Cargo capacity is 22 tons.

The mercenary cruiser requires a crew of eight: commanding officer, pilot, astrogator, four engineers, and medic. Additionally, there are 2 staterooms allocated for up to 4 gunners, and another stateroom for the cutter pilots. Troops are carried in the 18 Troop-designated staterooms.

Chrysanthemum-class Fleet Escort. The Chrysanthemum class escort is intended for fleet and squadron escort duties. The design has served the Imperial Navy for over a century. Chrysanthemums are ubiquitous, being encountered with larger fleet elements as well as working alone.

The 1,000-ton hull is fitted with the LSP V/4 Starpoint jump drive, the LSP Impulse Z6 maneuver drive, and the Zf-6 Cold Sun power plant, giving performance of Jump-4 and 6G acceleration. Fuel tankage of 513 tons supports one Jump-4 and up to 3 weeks' normal operations. The ship is unstreamlined.

The Chrysanthemum is well-armored and features a military armament mix: a fusion barbette, two particle accelerator barbettes, two quad turret missile launchers, three quad turret sandcasters, one quad turret commcaster and one quad turret datacaster.

The ship requires a crew of 14: two astrogators, three pilots (one for the cutter), three engineers, five gunners, and one medic. Nine additional staterooms are reserved for up to 18 troops. There are 51 tons of cargo space (sometimes reallocated to support a full platoon of troops).

Duties include:
Squadron escort
Orbital patrol
Police operations
Garrison duty
Limited strike missions

Fer-de-lance Convoy Escort. During the height of the Third Frontier War (979 to 986), high losses in civilian shipping and among transport vessels impressed into Imperial service resulted in the issuance of an Admiralty specification for a mid-sized escort vessel expressly for close protection of unarmed transport craft. The design which was finally accepted was the Fer-de-lance class destroyer escort.

Performance characteristics for this class make it capable of staying with most Imperial fleets (jump-4, 6-G acceleration), and thus this type of vessel can be found escorting most squadrons as well as more typical convoys.

Duties include:

Convoy escort
Squadron escort
Orbital patrol
Blockade runner

Susa-class Freighter [Oberlindes]. Using the 1000-ton hull, the Susa is a freight transport vessel typical of the ships operated by Oberlindes lines. It is equipped with the Systems Inc. L-392Q jump drive, the Slipstream Qk.33 maneuver drive, and the Qf-3 Cold Sun power plant, and is capable of Jump-3 and 3G acceleration. Fuel tankage of 270 tons supports 2 weeks of operations and one jump-3. On the bridge is a computer Model/4.

There are 20 staterooms and 10 low berths. 5 of the 6 triple turrets are deployable to serve as emergency lifepods. There is one ship's vehicle: an air/raft. Cargo capacity is 434 tons. The hull is streamlined, and has fins to improve its performance in atmosphere.

Type AT Freighter [Tukera]. Freighter (type AT): Using a 3000-ton hull, the Tukera freighter is a main-route cargo vessel employed in freight transport activities throughout the Imperium. It mounts jump drive Z+N2, maneuver drive M, and power plant Z+N2, giving performance of jump-4 and 1 G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 1150 tons supports the power plant and one jump-4. Adjacent to the bridge is a Model/5 computer.

There are 25 staterooms and 5 emergency low berihs. The ship has 10 hardpoints and 10 tons allocated to fire control. Only two triple turrets are generally installed; each carries a heterogeneous mix of one beam laser, one missile rack, and one sandcaster. There is one ship's vehicle: a 95-ton shuttle. Cargo capacity for the freighter is 1170 tons; the shuttle can be carried with its 70 ton cargo bay filled as well. The hull is not streamlined.

The Tukera freighter requires a crew of 13: captain/pilot, astrogator, 6 engineers, medic, steward, shuttle pilot, and 2 gunners. It can carry up to 8 high passengers and 2 middle passengers.

The Tukera freighter is a standard Tukera transport ship design, and provides freight-handling service along the many Tukera routes within the Imperium. Tukera's freighters sport a variety of names, often vaguely reminiscent of advertising slogans: Golden Harvest, Safety First, or Star Lines.
Imperiallines magazine
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