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Classic Traveller Discussion on the granddaddy of them all, Classic Traveller!

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Old November 6th, 2012, 01:38 PM
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Default If only we could "Restate" Classic Traveller

I was just reading through a "restated D&D" game I got from that ReaperMini kickstarter, and it it got me thinking about how it's a shame that we can't get Classic Traveller "restated". I realize this is not possible due to licensing, and I'm certainly not suggesting anyone do such a thing, but as an interesting thought experiment:

If you were going to take Classic Traveller, Books 1-3 and rewrite them to fit more modern rules layout, what parts would you clarify, what parts would you bring in from Books 4+ into the core rules, what tweaks would you make that still maintain the flavor of CT?

Note that "old school rewrites" (which are almost entirely versions of D&D at the moment due to the OGL) strive to maintain the feel and rules of the original game, just fold in some generally accepted house-rules and official clarifications. Or at least that's my favorite type of "rewrite", and what I'm going for here.

For me, I'd have Gun Combat select a "style" of weapon (Slug Pistol, Energy Rifle, etc.) instead of an actual weapon (Autopistol, Laser Rifle). With this added flexibility, I'd expand the weapon table to include snub, gauss, and other Book 4 weapons.

I'd rename ATV as Vehicle(ATV) and Air/Raft as Grav Vehicle, since that's what's really going on.

The character combat round sequence is a fertile ground for bringing in other rules, either Snapshot or some other version of Traveller. Or maybe even just a simple variation of the "Surprise" rules - each round, both teams roll d6, highest gets to choose movement order and then shoot first. Ties run simultaneously.

I'd leave Book 2 alone for the most part, though I'd make sure the Pulse/Beam clarifications were made clear, fold in the missiles supplement, and give a worksheet for programming the ship's computer that was broken down into phases to make those rules more accessible. I'd also add some of Merchant Prince's more advanced trade rules and cargo generation tables, but I'd err on the conservative side on that one.

Book 3 would get "Atmospheres" folded in, and "Scout"'s system generation rules.

(On second blush, how permissive is Mongoose's OGL? Most of the OD&D OGL attempts use the 3e license to recreate OD&D rules....)
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