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Recruiting Office By request, a forum for Traveller Referees seeking players in their area and vice-versa.

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Old March 14th, 2006, 12:15 PM
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Is anyone interested in playing in Interstellar Wars? The Year is 2170 AD, I'm looking for 4 players to play Terrans.

Provided is a Crockett-Class 100-DTon Picket Ship

Tech Level: 10
Hull: 100-dton Needle/Wedge Airframe hull, dDR 70 armor Stealth.
Systems: 19-1/2 Maneuver Drive, 3 Jump Drive, 20 Fuel Tanks, 2 Fuel Processors (6.4 dtons/hour), standard Bridge, Model-5 Sensors (Scan 20), 2 Light Turret, 2 Beam Laser, 2 Missile Rack, 2 Sandcasters, 22-1/2 Fusion Power, 6 Staterooms, 1/2 Cargo
Statistics: EMass 940 tons, LMass 970 tons, Cost M$140, SM +8, ASig +2, Hull dHP 50, Life Support 12, sAccel 4.0 G, Jump-2 (2-parsec range), Top Air Speed 5,600 mph.
Crew: Command Section (3 officers), Engineering Section (2 officers), Gunnery Section (2 crewmen), Specialist (1 petty officer, 1 crewmen - sensor and SIGINT specialists), Maintenence Section (1 crewman). Total 5 officers, 1 petty officer, 4 crewmen.
Passengers: none

As you can see, this ship requires a crew of 10, it is the Terran equivalent of an Imperial Scout/Courier. All player characters have military backgrounds as there is a universal Draft in effect for the Terran Confederation. We'll be making 150 point characters. Among the careers available because of the Draft is that of Marine, Doctor, Soldier, Starship Bridge Officer, Starship Commander, Starship Engineer, Starship Crewman. These are the career templates that all characters start out with because of the draft. Additional templates are available as part of an after the military career, but you'll probably need to take some disadvantages to gain enough points to buy them. As I said, player characters start off at 150 points. NPCs will fill out the rest of the ship's crew requirements not taken buy player characters. one player should take Starship commander as his career template. Any takers?
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