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T20 - Traveller for the D20 System Open discussion on the D20 version of Traveller!

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Old September 14th, 2002, 05:39 PM
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So I just bought the Fading Suns d20 stuff. The universe is great and I got the rest of my group interested as well. However, it uses the standard D&D HP system. This doesn't seem to work so well, so I was thinking of using T20's Stamina/Lifeblood system instead.

First of all, if anyone has any experience with Fading Suns (d20 or not) do you think this is a good idea?

Secondly, I will need to convert the armor stats and probably get slightly different weapon numbers for everything as well. For armor, T20Lite gives a nice little guideline of dividing the Armor Bonus by 3 to get the effective T20 "damage reduction". This will work ok, but many of the armor materials are also "advanced" (for example, you can make Full Plate out of Ceramsteel giving it an Armor Bonus of +10 instead of +8). I think I might divide the basic armor bonus for Full Pate (+8) by 3, and then just add two, to account for the high technology. Anyway, what do you guys think?

Finally, for weapons, I'm inclined to just use straight T20 stats (they are all about the same anyway), but I will need to make up reasonable stats for a few things.

If a "blaster pistol" does 2d6 with a x3 Crit modifier in Fading Suns d20, how much do you think it should do in T20? (Most of the standard guns are about a die type less powerful in FS. An assault rifle does a d10 instead of a d12, etc). A laser rifle does 3d6 with a 19-20/x3 crit range. I suppose I can just assume that 3d10/x2 is fair?

The only other major issue is Fading Suns' energy shields. They will probably work fine as written, but I really can't be sure until I've tested it out. Basically, they require an activation check for every attack for which the base DC is 15 for ranged and 17 for melee, and you simply roll a d20+Damage rolled to beat the DC (so yes, the more damage, the easier it is to activate the shield). If the shield is activated it has standard DR vs physical attacks, blasters, fire, and electricty (all different numbers for the 4 types). It should work fine without any modifications, I think.

Anyway, what do you all think? Thanks!
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