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Old November 26th, 2008, 04:48 PM
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Default High Guard: Fer-de-lance vs Zho Strike Cruiser

Big versus Smalls
(Were any Zhodani ships published anywhere besides Adventure 6?)

Destroyer Escort DE-A4469J2-000000-50003-0 MCr744.43              1000 tons
     batteries bearing             3   4                             TL=15.
             batteries             3   4                           Crew=14.
Passengers=O. Cargo=O. Fuel=490. EP=90. Agility=6. Troops=O. Two cutters.

Close Escort     CE-3455762-300000-40100-0 MCr287.47               300 tons
     batteries bearing             2 2                               TL=14.
             batteries             2 2                             Crew=l2.
Passengers=O. Low Berths=O. Cargo=6. Fuel=81. EP=21. Agility=O. Troops=O.
L-Hyd tanks add 100 tons of fuel and displacement (CE-4444762) and cost 


                            ASMNFR LEPMM
Strike Cruiser   CS-B114CE3-306300-07909-0 MCr2030.0              2000 tons
     batteries bearing              21 2                           Crew=51.
             batteries              21 2                             TL=14.
Passengers=O. Low=48. Fuel=440. EP=240. Agility=4. Marines=48. Fighters=2.

Fighter          FF-0106E31-900000-05000-0 MCr66.0                  30 tons
One battery of fusion guns. Crew=l. TL=14. Fuel=5.8. Agility=6.

Fer-de-lance     Tonnage A, Agility 6, Computer J = 9fib    Armor 0
Gazelle          Tonnage 3, Agility 0, Computer 6 = 6       Armor 3

Strike Cruiser   Tonnage B, Agility 4, Computer E = 5fib    Armor 3
Fighter          Tonnage 0, Agility 6, Computer 3 = 3       Armor 9?

To-hit Information:

Fer-de-lance against Strike Cruiser:
DM 0 for tonnage
DM -4 for agility
DM +4 for computer
Base DM nets out to 0!

3 Laser Batteries at Factor 5 have base to-hit 6.
(DM -1 at long range)

4 Missile Batteries at Factor 3 have base to-hit 5.
(DM -1 at short range)
Beam Point Defense: none?
Nuclear Damper Rating 3: Defends against each missile hit on 10+.

Gazelle against Strike Cruiser:
DM 0 for tonnage
DM -4 for agility
DM +1 for computer
Base DM nets out to -3!

2 Laser Batteries at Factor 4 have base to-hit of 6.
(DM -1 at long range)

2 Particle Accelerator Batteries at factor 1 have base to-hit of 9.

Strike Cruiser against Fer-de-Lance:
DM -1 for tonnage
DM -6 for agility
dm -4 for computer
Base DM nets out to -11!

2 Energy Weapon Batteries at factor 7 has a base to-hit of 5.
DM +2 for energy weapons... they can't hit!

1 Particle Accelerator at factor 9 has a base to-hit of 4.
Still can't hit!

2 Missile Batteries at factor 9 has a base to-hit of 2.
(-1 at short range)
Still can't hit! Doh!

Okay... I was going to analyze this further, but if the Strike Cruiser can't hit the Fer-de-lance, then this is a done deal.

That's two attempts to create an interesting fleet battle and both of them are pointless!

(Were any scenarios or "serious" fleets ever published for High Guard? I have the second volume BFB for JTAS issues... there are articles in there for TCS. I didn't see anything about interesting fleet battles, though....)

(I'm afraid to run the huge ships-- the number of bearing batteries is just insanely large.... Are you really supposed to be playing this with 10+ ships to a side?)
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