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Old February 16th, 2006, 07:06 PM
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This was a reply of mine to Sig in another thread, but I didn't want to hijack the thread (and Sig mentioned it would probably be better as a different topic), so I thought it best to post it here.

Instead of re-writing the whole thing, I'll just copy in the entire reply, with Sig's quote.


Originally posted by Sigg Oddra:
But these days I'm very much into rules lite, minimum number of die rolls and all that.

I want one to hit roll and one damage roll (I've even dropped the hit location bit thanks to something daryen posted), it speeds play.
Interesting side-note (Or, maybe not so interesting side note).

CTI started life as a One Die Classic Traveller system.

And, it's easy to still use the system that way.

One roll (or series of rolls, if you get to re-roll) covers to-hit, damage, and hit location.

It's a mean, lean, game system.

I mention it because you're into streamlining, Sig.

Here's how it works.

You roll your CTI dice, one at a time, and get a total.

If you hit, whatever was thrown over your target is your base damage.

If a hit was made, then additional damage due to your weapon is added.

The last result of your die is your hit location.

Quickie example

Fred has DEX-7 and Revolver-2. He fires at a target at Short range.

1D is thrown. Result is a 4. One re-roll allowed because total is lower than Stat. A 5 turns up on the re-roll.

9 +2 (Range) = 11 (Skill is already considered in the rolling above--we're consolidating, Sig!).

8+ was needed to hit. Fred hit with his 11, and he has a base damage of 3 points (11-8).

Then, we add in extra damage due to the weapon used (use a +1 for every "D" of damage). A revolver does +3.

So, in TWO quick rolls of a single die...

(1) We know that Fred hit.

(2) We know that Fred did 6 points of damage.

(3) We know that Fred hit the target's hit location #5 (we'll say that's his left leg).

And...guess what! This system also defines every level of stat and skill with a different benefit!

Whaddya think of that, Sig, for consolidation?

Two rolls...everything you need to know for the combat round.
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