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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old July 8th, 2005, 01:38 PM
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I have been trying to remember my physics. (It has been a few years.)

As I recall using the following abbreviations.
M=mass (in kilograms)
v=velocity (meters per second)
a=accelleration (meters per second per second)
t=time (in seconds)
KE=Kinetic Energy

KE = .5mv^2
assuming an initial velocity of 0.
t=(d/(.5a))^.5 (plus or minus, but you can't have negative time.)

Low Earth Orbit is between 500Km and 1500Km. (Lets call it 1000Km.)

If we reserve 1g for maneuver and/or overcoming friction. Firing a 6G missile at the planet from 1000km, means that it will hit the target in about 184 seconds. (Or just over 3 minutes, plenty of burn time left on the missile, regardless of the ruleset you are using.)

Missile Velocity at impact will be about 10830 meters per second. (9.81*6*184)

Kinetic Energy just before impact for a 100Kg steel bar (or equivalent) would be 5,864,445,000 Joules.

1 Kilo of TNT is 4.6MegaJoules. So without a warhead this 100KG steel bar is equivalent to approxmately 1.2 tons of TNT. And the Imperium is worried about nukes being used?

Fire the same missile from geostationary orbit.
(36,000 KM) It takes 1106 seconds (just over 18 minutes, again plenty of burn time on the missile left.)
Velocity is now 65099 m/s.
Kinetic energy is now 211,895,032,000 Joules(Same steel bar.)or about 46 tons of TNT. Still not quite a nuke, but not bad for a steel bar with a short range missile engine strapped to it.

Are we sure that damage from Naval gunfire is sufficient in the rules?
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