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Old October 26th, 2009, 03:54 AM
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Default Jump Traffic Control

Idly thinking on the logistics of traffic control and jump drives. I searched but couldn't find any obvious answers. Would a busy port assign 'jump sectors' with specific purposes (incoming and outgoing) at its 100D limit.

The reasoning being that while the possible number of jump points are infinite for a world (the 100d limit), there are a limited number of 'optimum' jump points for ships arriving in system - parallel with the worlds orbit, not in front or behind the worlds orbit, sublight interplanetary corridors, etc. Add in large moons, precomputed jump tapes and even with the +/-3000km variance per jump factor you have a lot of ships popping in/out in a small area (relatively speaking). So eventually something bad is going to happen - 3000km for a typical jump one is spitting distance in astronomical terms.

The last thing you want is for your super battle fleet getting ready to jump to war, and suddenly MV Garbage Scow pops out of jump right in front of you. Even if you dont crash, it could screw up your jump calculations. Or a Space 'Queen Mary' suddenly bearing down on the PC's ship as they prep for jump.

Jumping 'out' zones are fairly simple to handle - just assign them to 'undesirable' jump areas, while 'jump in' zones would have to be broken up into 'Priority only', 'Military only', 'Merchant only', 'Xboat only', etc. Of course if MV Garbage scow does emerge in a 'Military only' zone because they stole their jump data from a military ship or were sloppy in their calculations - 'Questions will be asked'. And once you have jumped in, clear the area ASAP before the SPA gets cranky.

A derivative I remember reading here (and liked) was using trojan points as 'cheats' around the 100D limit. If these were commonly used they would have to be restriced access as the T-points are tiny and the potential for trouble seems even greater.

Reasonable? Or am I totally up the wrong tree with jump emergence?
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