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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old June 5th, 2009, 05:00 AM
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Default Duchy navies

In the spirit of making the imperium as versatile a setting as possible, here's my suggestion for subsector navies:

They're actually duchy navies. Each duchy has one. Subsectors that are part of another duchy does not have one of their own. However, since most duchies covers exactly one subsector, the terms have become synonymous. (This is distinct from the term 'subsector fleet', which really is a fleet that covers a subsector).

They're extremely diverse. You have the Imperial Navy, charged with defending the Imperium from outside aggression, and you have the planetary navies, raised by the member worlds to defend each individual world/system. The duchy navies fill in the crack between the two. Each duke has a budget, usually a set percentage of the Imperial revenues from his duchy. The exact percentage depends on historcal factors, and what tasks the Emperor expects the duke to carry out. The duchy navy has whatever ships the duke feels he needs badly enough that he's willing to pay for it out of his inadequate budget[1]. So in one duchy it could be a light cruiser outfitted more like a yacht than a fighting ship and a handful of couriers; in another it could be several full cruiser squadrons, or even battleship squadrons, complete with escorts, destroyers, scouts, couriers, tankers, etc..

In short, a GM (or author) can tailor a duchy navy to fit whatever he wants the setting to be.

[1] No matter what it is, a budget is always inadequate to pay for everything you feel you need .

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