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View Poll Results: How much fantasy do you like in a sci fi campaign?
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Old September 6th, 2010, 02:25 PM
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Default Bleeding Stars: A Science Fantasy Traveller Campaign

This small, pirate-empire near the Imperial-Solomani border will be the scene of the Bleeding Stars campaign, which will feature Count Dracula and a lot of other historical and literary vampires as the major villains.

The Horukan Dynasty began as a bandit colony on Alexander, set up by a group of Solomani and alien pirates fleeing Imperial justice. The pirates quickly found themselves in something of a safe haven, as the Blade Vallation and Elder Ones subsectors had, evidently, been subjected to a massive war of Forerunner civilizations in a time that might even predate Grandfather's empire. A large amount of dust clouds and no less than five collapsars in the subsectors indicated a possible Forerunner war involving technologies beyond belief, but -more importantly to the pirates- they also made navigation difficult for large fleets, and offered the buccaneers a place to hide from Imperial and Solomani battleships.

During the three hundred years that followed, the pirates made rapid progress in conquering the subsectors, and consolidating their small empire. This was not easy, however. The Horukans have had to contend with many enemies, including the "Machine", a TL16 society of warbots that appears to have evolved after they exterminated their biological creators, and the "Swarm", which has fascinated scientists the galaxy-over. These creatures appear to be related to the deadly hive-aliens that conquered the Chamax system, but having evolved a type of biological starship. Whether the two species are truly related or products of convergent evolution is unknown.

Unfortunately for the Horukan pirates, they also had to become moderately civilized (pillaging is fun, but it doesn't encourage economic growth), but only moderately. Letters of marque are regularly issued by the government at Alexander, in the name of keeping the space lanes safe (from people like them), for which high "tariffs" are often charged by individual captains.

Though humans of Solomani extraction make up about 60% of the Dynasty's population, racism is not common, and anyone who can make it through the rather ruthless ranks of Horukan society can gain great wealth and power. A large minority of the Dynastic Council is made up of various aliens (mostly from races as piratical and ruthless as the Solomani themselves) and several aliens have even served as Grand Captain, the Horukan head of state.

Recently, the Dynasty has allowed -but not exactly accorded protection to- a number of Imperial sponsored archaeological expeditions to investigate the ruins of the Forerunner civilizations. Whether this is the beginning of actual ties to the Imperium is unknown, as the Horukans have yet to grant the Imperium the right to create embassies in their territory. This has led to several unfortunate incidents with archaeologists and other scientists. The universities dither on whether to call on Strephon's government for action, however, as a war could well cause the destruction of many artifacts, and possibly lead to the closing of the borders altogether.
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