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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old March 22nd, 2016, 10:24 PM
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Default TDW:1416 Season Two Premiere "Husbands"

[Wardn 208.043.1410L] Marston Villa

Ben offered "It must be a wonderful thing to be the one to bring such honor to his family and unit."

"Grandfather Criesthines, actually." Quicny replied. He was tall but slightly plump with an angular face, small nose, white skin, hazel eyes and wavy brown hair with a fashionable mustache. His black commando uniform was perfectly pressed and custom tailored with accents that mimic current civilian fashions.

"Awarded an MCG, a Knighthood, and coincidentally met my future grandmother at the awards ceremony." Quincy smiled. "He was born of the upper crust, of course, but shifting politics over the years has weakened the role leaders have in society, Ben."

"Take yourself, for example. I'm sure you, like many others of high standing, enlist to avoid the publicity while building your entourage. Wonderful idea! The cream rises to the top. I did the same for a while, and yet wound up a captain already. It sounds like you're on the same track, eh? Should I watch my promotion points carefully as we compete? I only have a couple of combat commands so far, but blood will tell."

He shook Ben's hand again, this time with some strength.

"You looked good on the vids, Ben. Vadim showed them." He winked. "Twice."
"Oh, sorry. Introductions. I'm Angelo. Lily's husband."

"Well, I guess that won't work." Ben thought to himself as he forced a smile and shook the hand of Angelo. "So, have you known Sir Cochran long?

"Ah, Q?" Angelo smiled. "Friend of the wife's family, it seems." He nodded to Vadim. "I seldom visit Wardn but enjoy the parties and social events when I can."

"Ben, I have to admit, I've watched that vid more than once. I can shoot a target, yes, but nothing like the shots you took!" Angelo patted Ben's arm. "Excellent work, Ben. Really. This isn't jealous male bonding, either. Q talked a little about your team but it seems all hush-hush so I'll not pry. I just wanted you to know how much I respect you."

"Gentlemen, I'm afraid duty calls me elsewhere. Vadim, consider my offer, please. It would be good for your family." Quincy said as he shook hands with everyone. "See you at the party this weekend, eh?"

Quincy left, and Ben heard a familiar voice say "Hey Q! Leaving so soon?" There was definitely the sound of a kiss in there.

Unconsciously, maybe, all three men turned as Lily brightened the room. "Hi daddy!" She said first. She saw Ben and smiled. Then the color drained out of her face.

"Hello, Angelo. I didn't know you were on Wardn." Lily said. She looked at Ben and read his face. Hers fell.

"Hello, honey." Angelo said. He was partially behind and off to the side of Ben.

Lily smiled at Angelo. Ben hadn't seen that smile before. She said. "Angelo, dear, can we chat for a moment?" She pointed to the next room.
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