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Old August 10th, 2019, 10:08 PM
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Zhodani Influence
In Gvurrdon Sector
A Conspiracy Consideration

Q: Did the Zhodani Consulate in Gvurrdon Sector utilize psychohistory, or cliodynamics (a mix of cultural evolution, economic history/cliometrics and macrosociology), when they gave psionics testing and training to the Thirz Empire? If so, why, other than to influence the Thirz into a treaty that many outsiders saw as a client state of the Zhodani. If not, then why did they offer psionics in the first place? What supplied this forethought if any?

The Thirz Empire was formed in 1016 and the Zhodani gave the polity psionics testing and training. The Oruelaen was formed by the new, Vargr King immediately afterwards.

By comparison, the Society of Equals was formed in 400 (RM’s Gvur), over 600 years before the development of the Thirz Empire. (Mongoose has the year as 831 for the Society, 58 years before the Thirz in 889, still holding the Dzen Aeng Kho as being older.)

Q: What did Zhodani already know about Gvurrdon Sector that they decided to ally with the Thirz?
The Thirz Empire’s King used this gift of psionics to institute the Oruelaen, the psionic agents of the King as General over this elite agency of public relations, bodyguarding the King, investigations, intelligence, observation (both peacetime and during war), undercover operations, negotiation and protection of valued individuals such as Emissaries.

The Equality War (1111-1116)1 in which the Society of Equals lost almost half (47%) of its territories in Gvurrdon and a significant portion of its ability to efficiently build starships, even though the Thirz Empire later gave each world a choice of staying with the Thirz, becoming non-aligned or returning to the Dzen Aeng Kho. The Society of Equals saw the recent death of the Thirz Empire’s King and the young successor, Oekhuso Thir 59587B (Gvegh Vargr male born 305-1089) and fourth successor take the throne as a golden opportunity to take advantage of his perceived inexperience.

Q: Why did the Society of Equals think that they could defeat the Thirz Empire, even if they attacked simultaneously across broad fronts and catching the Thirz off-guard? Did the Zhodani, through the King of the Thirz, use the Oruelaen to spread unfounded bravery and a desire for Charisma in the Dzen Aeng Kho to spur them to attack?

Q: Were the Thirz truly caught off-guard?
Consulting the map of the Thirz Empire and its ally to Spinward – the massive Zhodani Consulate, it is easy to see that the Thirz had many worlds that could and did withstand the initial onslaught and advance of the Society of Equals. In the first moves of the Equality War, the forces of the Society gained much ground on the Trailing in Uerra Rueshken and Ongvos Subsectors.

Q: How much war support did the Zhodani bolster the Thirz, publicly or in secret? Was their help in truth just advisory?
In the aftermath of the Equality War, the Society of Equals lost abundant and thus valuable worlds such as:

Gantsugh (0809) A000100-D As Lo Va, an outpost and belter’s mining delight with sufficient tech levels to maintain an outpost of operations indefinitely so long as the Society of Equals held up the lines of trade.

Khaeknae (0815) B585898-9 Ri Pa Ph, a valuable source of previously hidden lanthanum, a key resource in starship jumpdrives.

Dzerrdhakse (1116) A766645-B Ag Ga Na Ri, with its Naval Base this world is a nexus of inflowing trade, a local shipyard and three gas giants for endless spacefaring resources.

Ksethu (1112) A00089B-E As Na Ph Pi Pz Va, another favorite of belters, with a variety of mineral, metal and even a local secret, a covered-up discovery of natural zuchai crystals, another component for starship jumpdrives. At TL 14, this world was secretly a treasure trove despite its high Law and Impersonal Bureaucracy. Because of this world’s stifling Law Level (and pseudo-Amber Zone), it must have taken no less than the Oruelaen infiltration to learn its true measure.

DUERONGVOE (1413) B664997-C Cx (RM’s Gvur) Hi Pr, though lost to the Thirz Empire in the Equality War, this world elected to be returned to the Society of Equals later, thinking wrongly that other worlds to Rimward would follow suit.

AEGADH (1317) B737AEC-B Hi Pz, with a staggering Population of 90 billion and the home of the Church Of The Chosen Ones as a world with no taxes, (instead being Church tithes), this world was huge workforce loss.

Urkhaksadh (1415) A420212-B De He Lo Po, may be just a stepping stone but its A-rated Downport and 500 workers was vital to interstellar trade as a crossroads.

Q: Did the Zhodani manipulate the Thirz into knowingly and patiently waiting for and subtly baiting the Society of Equals into attacking the new King’s worlds, thus giving them excuse to turn the tide of war back upon the Dzen Aeng Kho? Was the War a justifiable excuse for taking the above worlds, even if very few chose to be returned after the armistice? How much, if this is true, was advised by the Zhodani to Spinward?

The Society of Equals was suitably diminished after the Equality War. So much so, that only upon the Collapse of the Thoengling Empire, (a member of the then Spinward Assembly), did other polities including Regency pressure the Dzen Aeng Kho into upholding stricter a Quarantine Line to halt the devastating Virus and vampire ships after 1131. More than 150 billion Vargr remained on Society worlds lost in the War.

After the Equality War, a political and social line between the Thirz Empire and the Society of Equals formed. It was called the Edge. A cold war of smoldering attitudes set in as captured worlds chose to stay with the Thirz, elect independence as non-aligned or return to the Dzen Aeng Kho.

• Actions in Zhevra’s Dance2 exposed in 1190, even if in minute instances, proof that the Oruelaen presence in the Society of Equals was engaged in more than mere observation, with both positive effect (institution of the Quarantine Line) and negative effect (loss of resource worlds). After this came to light on Dzuerongvoe, the former capital of the polity increased its awareness of psionics and the Oruelaen despite there being only purported 250 members of the psionics corps.

• One journalist, a propaganda actress for Kfan Uzangou, saw that many ex-patriates of the Society of Equals had not returned from Thirz occupied worlds in the decades after the Equality War. In 1190, she crossed the Edge, over to former Society worlds and learned why. With her magazine’s TL 14 robot, she learned the truth of the Zhodani conspiracy and scratched the surface of their psychohistory manipulations in Gvurrdon Sector.

Q: Had the Zhodani not manipulated the Thirz and the Society into the Equality War, would the Dzen Aeng Kho have been better prepared for the coming of Virus in the early 1130s? Would more starships equate to a more insidious infection by vampire ships of the times?
With many polities’ attentions focused on the Third Imperium and its Rebellion, this smaller chapter in Charted Space history is lesser read.

1This report takes content elements from Roger Malmstein’s Gvurrdon Sectorbook, Alien Module 2: Vargr and Gvurrdon Sector (Mongoose Publishing). Since the two latter draw somewhat from Malmstein’s work, it is fitting to include details from both in the observations made here.
2Zhevra’s Dance, novel written by Pakkrat starting in November 2015 and into 2016.
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