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Non-Traveller Gaming A forum specifically for discussing those other games we like to play.

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Old September 24th, 2020, 08:12 AM
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Default RT 40K

for Shiz & Gigs we started playing 1E 40K, ATM it's only 500 pts a side. I'm running Guard, I know Guard Suck, but I'm stretching the rules to their limit, mixing up stuff from the RT Book early WD and the other 1e Books to try and be compeditive.

First couple of games I've run three Squads of Heavy Infantry (2 tactical 1 Assualt), an Officer, Psyker, Rhino (to carry the assault squad) and a Dreadnought. I think the Maths on building the Dreadnaught was a bit off If I'm right I'll be able to afford a couple of Bikes or Combat Accessories for my Tactical Squads.

I've scored wins against Orcs & Mutant's, only the Orc game counts since the Mutant player wont be joining if the games keep going

And due to force of numbers I lost to Gretchien, the little bastags "Zurg Rushed" me, they had some Auto Canons that relay hurt my Rhino & Dreadnought real bad, they had a squad with Flight packs that bombed me with Frag grenades, a couple of squads with Jump packs that swarmed my line and tied them up in HtH until the Foot Mobiles reached my line.

The Orc game went much better for me the Orcs had a Nob on a bike and a couple of Trucks loaded down with Boyz, my Dread tagged the Trucks before they could reach my line, the resulting crashes casualtied most of their troops and I gunned down the survivors as they tried to rush my line, I'm glad I invested in the Bolt Gun Upgrade. the Nob rammed my Dread then went HtH with it (Power Armor, Bolt Pistol & Power Fist Vs a Dread with 2 Power Fists), he hobbled the Dread and did some other damage before he broke & ran with the rest of the Mob.

My next game will either be a rematch against the Gretchien or against a Marine player or Tyranids. the Marine player is all Bikes & Jump-pack assault troops she has nothing that can hurt my Dread outside HtH and my Boltguns can't hurt my Dread so I'll just fire in to HtH if he swam my Dread and he has tied against the Orcs & Gretchiens and the Nid player hasn't had a game yet.

I'm thinking of running a more conventional Marine army as a 2nd army or to replace my Guard if things get out of hand when we up the points totals.
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