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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old January 19th, 2003, 03:52 AM
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For want of a better place to put this, I'm posting it here. I'd like some feedback on the following suggested organisation for the Marine component of the Julian Protectorate's Star Legion.

I worked this stuff out because I was trying to determine how the 2400 marines on a State Colour class Carrier are organised.

A recap for those unfamiliar with the Star Legion IMTU. The Star Legion is the military force responsible for protecting the various member states of the Julian Protectorate, a mostly Vargr/Human confederacy in the Antares, Mendan, Amdukan and Empty Quarter sectors. There are three main divisions to the Star Legion, the Navy, the Marines and the Farguard:
Legion Marines
The Marines mainly consists of the Legions, the ordinary marines, their support vehicles and their heavy weapons. There are two elite squads within the Marines that are worthy of mention. The Hoplite Assault and Raiding Deployment Squads (HARDS) are battle dress equipped marines who specialise in EVA operations (Legion battle dress is called Hoplite armour). The Subsurface Qualified Insertion and Demolition Squads (SQuIDS) are marines who specialise in subsurface (ie. underwater) operations, particularly covert insertions and demolitions.
The way I figure it the force ratio works out as something like:
  • Legion - 40%</font>
  • HARDS - 40%</font>
  • SQuIDS - 20%</font>
Squad Equipment
Marine squads are equipped according to their current role, but typically will have the equipment below at a minimum.

Legion Squad
There are two types of squads in the Legions:
Grunt Squad
6 men, wearing combat armour, wielding gauss rifles, with one heavy weapon specialist per squad.
Vehicle Squad
3 men and a vehicle, either a Shell (grav-APC) or a Claw (grav-tank)

6 men, wearing Hoplite armour (Star Legion battledress) and wielding PGMP, with one man controlling a grav-sled that the rest will ride on.

6 men, wearing whatever (from SCUBA gear to combat armour) and wielding whatever (usualy demolitions).

Unit Organisation
The following unit organisations are typically found in the Star Legion, but they will vary depending upon the time period, the local commander and the situation.

Semi Company
The smallest typical unit is a semi-company with 6 squads:
  • 3 x Legion (1 x Grunt, 1 x Shell, 1 x Claw)</font>
  • 2 x HARDS</font>
  • 1 x SQuIDS</font>
A more normal unit is the company with 12 squads:
  • 6 x Legion (2 x Grunt, 2 x Shell, 2 x Claw)</font>
  • 4 x HARDS</font>
  • 2 x SQuIDS</font>
The battalion is a larger unit used for more serious operations:
  • 10 x Companies (600 men)</font>
Because the Star Legion rarely needs to commit large numbers of Marines to any one engagement the regiment is the largest unit size that the Star Legion organises around.
  • 4 x Battalions (2400 men)</font>
Based on this organisation, the State Colour class Carriers carry a Regiment of Legion Marines (and their landing craft) in addition to their 400 fighters.
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