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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old August 12th, 2004, 07:49 AM
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1434 Marda Outreaumer/Ley (Imperial)
Marda 1434 B000241-B As 100 Im K7 V

Marda is an asteroid system. It’s home to about a hundred people, who each have about a million rocks for company.

There are a few prospectors kicking about in the belt. Nobody sees much of them. Some have taken to collecting ice from comets and ice asteroids, converting it to refined fuel, and selling it at 30% over the going rate to passing traffic who came through Marda to avoid Gidikurda (one parsec along, official population two). With no gas giant in the system, they can get away with it.

The “main world” is Marda Rock, where a couple of “slightly eccentric” ex-scouts run their business making fine custom racing light sail gigs for the sporting market. The business is not very efficient, being several parsecs from most of its suppliers and customers, but there is no competition as such and the customers are all millionaire playboys anyhow. A surprising number of swanky yachts jump through Marda. One end of Marda Rock is hollow and lined with ship deckplates to provide gravity. It houses the sail makers and the “Starport Hotel”, which is basically a doss house for the collection of strays the two scouts have picked up.

So the starport does genuinely build spaceships, even if they only function under external power, and refined fuel is available there. But its class B entry in the catalogues probably has more to do with alcohol and IISS New Year parties than any analysis of the services provided. Detached and current scouts always get a welcome at Marda starport, provided they’re not from the Administration Branch.
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