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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old September 19th, 2016, 01:43 PM
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Default [T5SS] TL 0 Imperial Worlds

I did a query on TravellerMap for all TL 0 Imperial worlds. I was surprised by the very small number of examples and the extremely skewed distribution:
  • Anomaly Five (Deneb 0615) X100000-0
  • Ugrik (Deneb 2016) E300000-0
  • Kulabisha (Fornast 2404) E687000-0
  • Hyacinthe (Fornast 3228) E436000-0
  • Barren (Gushemege 0228) X652000-0
  • Unuv (Gushemege 1127) X423000-0
  • Larspri (Old Expanses 0408) X581000-0
  • 134-635 (Old Expanses 2005) X6A5000-0
  • Arthur (Reaver's Deep 3112) E566000-0
  • Kishakhpap (Solomani Rim 0125) X410000-0
  • Weipu (Solomani Rim 0719) X543000-0
  • Rimmon (Solomani Rim 1306) X422000-0
  • Altair (Solomani Rim 1522) X000000-0
  • Khugi (Solomani Rim 2713) X000000-0
  • 728-907 (Spinward Marches 1214) E955000-0
  • Tavonni (Spinward Marches 1520) E567000-0
  • Djinni (Spinward Marches 2111) X559000-0
  • Gerome (Spinward Marches 2818) X573000-0
  • Pavanne (Spinward Marches 2905) E310000-0
  • Huderu (Spinward Marches 3114) X575000-0
  • 971-852 (Trojan Reach 2814) E78A000-0
  • Deyis II (Zarushagar 0917) E874000-0

I can't guarantee I got all of them, but this seems like a very odd result. I would not expect barren, TL0 worlds to be common or even uncommon in the Third Imperium, even in a "frontier" area like the Spinward Marches. But why so many in the Rim? And why so few everywhere else? I would expect almost every sector to have at least one or two barren systems.

Does anyone know what is going on here? It looks like all barren worlds not specifically mentioned in canon got mass scrubbed from the T5SS data. (This would explain why the Rim and the Marches stand out.)

If this were intentional, I'm not sure it's completely desirable. If an accident, can it be undone?
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