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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old September 17th, 2010, 10:15 PM
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Default Captains of Cromar - CT PbP

Open for 4 Players:

Rules: CT and Supplement 4. Characters. No Expanded Generation Characters. Though suited best for a Pirate Character of Captain Rank, this game is also open to other careers, as long as they add up to being able to Captain a Corsair.

Make note of any failed survival roll but continue with generation as normal.

The discharge world will be:

In the Hinterworlds.

Each player will automatically have the Corsair result for the Muster, in addition to the normal mustering out procedure. Make note of any other results of Corsair.

Each Player also has: Computer-1, Vacc Suit-1, and Grav Vehicle-1 and 1 other skill (player's choice)

Each player has a troop unit/boarding crew comprised of 10 people. They have vacc suits and clubs. They can be crew, raiders, etc.

Each Player gets MCr 1.5 in expense money from the Syndicate. You have been selected from the scum of the galaxy to command ships that engage in commerce raiding in the mostly Non-Aligned Darvis and Cromar Subsectors. This money can be used to re-arm crew, hire on new crew, buy gear...

Each player also gets (d6, I roll secretly) rolls on a ship features table that nets you weapons and other items for your ships.

Each Player also has:
A Vacc Suit
A Sidearm
A Longarm
A Hand to Hand combat weapon
...regardless of skill.

NO PC psionics.

NO PC K'Kree.

It is the year 1100, and the dawn of a new century brings expansion by the Federation, the Imperium, and the Confederacy out into the frontier Sectors, altering the vectors of the small governments there. Some say it is some of the last areas of Non-Aligned Space, but everywhere there is the motive to align it with this government or that. Some of you may want to keep it that way. Some of you may see the sheer profits to be made from all of that shipping... Either way, the Syndicate expands, and needs Captains....
Count Tirem (Spin 2233 C7B5975B)
Baron Bendor (Spin 2336 A756656C)
Baron Sidur Haski (Gush 1334 B786354C)
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