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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old December 4th, 2015, 01:46 PM
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Default 1,200-ton medium troop ship

(I have yet to work on the platoon and battalion troop ships)

1,200-ton company troop ship

The company troop ship is intended to transport a marine company (100 men) into a combat zone, providing supporting fire as needed. The company normally deploys in G/carriers, but one platoon can (without vehicles) be landed in a 30-ton armed ship's boat. Marine replacements are carried in low berths and emergency low berths are used for severely injured troops.

The medium troop ship has maneuver drive-M, jump drive-M and power plant-M giving Jump-3 and 3G acceleration. 408 tons of fuel supports the power plant for 4 weeks and one Jump-3. A Model 3/fib computers and advanced electronics are located in the bridge. There are 72 staterooms, 10 low berths and 5 emergency low berths, Four armouries and three briefing rooms are also provided. The ship has twelve hardpoints, with 6 triple beam laser turrets, 4 particle beam turrets and a small missile bay (480 total missiles). The ship has armor 4. Small craft include two 10-ton runabouts and one 30-ton lander in a full hanger. Twn G/carriers are carried in bays. The ship is equipped with repair drones. Cargo capacity is 52 tons. The ship is streamlined.

Crew consists of a commander, first officer, 3 pilots, 3 navigators, 3 medics, 3 engineers, 10 gunners, 4 small craft crew, 3 flight mechanics and 100 marines. The ship costs MCr 595.2 with small craft.

30-ton lander

This is an armed and armored ship's boat, outfitted to transport 33 passengers.

The lander has maneuver drive-sF and power plant-sF, giving 6G acceleration. 0.75 tons of fuel supports one week of operation. A cockpit with a Model 1/fib computer holds the crew of two and 33 passenger couches are installed. An airlock is provided. Two fixed beam lasers are installed and armor is 2. Cargo is 1.8 tons. The boat is streamlined.
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