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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old June 26th, 2002, 05:11 AM
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This might be unbalancing to your game, but if you want to play a psi intensive campaign...
Shield(including artificial shields): defends against all telepathic intrusion: probe, thought reading...resolve this powers as you would a Psionic Assault(Artificial shields have a PS of 7.)
Mind Control: level 7, time 60 seconds, cost 5+range.
Grants complete mind control, may leave suggestions for up to one week.
Shape Mind: level 10, time 15 seconds, cost 7+range
Allows complete reshaping of a personality, from false memories to removing or adding psychological traits. Permanently.

Precognition: level 11, time 15 seconds, cost 10.
The character may see blinding flashes of possible futures (administered by the referee).
Psychometry: level 10, time 15 seconds, cost 9.
The character may see blinding flashes of a person’s a thing’s or a place’s past and feelings. In order to use psychometry you must touch the target.
Danger sense : level 1, time 60 minutes, cost 1.
The character gets a +1 DM to all rolls necessary to perceive a threat (surprise rolls included).

Proficiency: level 2, time 15 seconds(1 action), 2/DM
With proficiency a character may buy positive DM’s to a single task involving only mental activity.
Psionically enhanced Dexterity: level6, time 60 minutes, 1/point.
Works as similar powers.
Memory mode: level 7, time 30 seconds, 4 pts.
The character gains the ability to remember exactly everything he has ever heard or seen or even slightly perceived.
Psionically enhanced mobility: level8, time 30 seconds, 4/area.
Works as similar powers, it simply adds areas of movement.

Greater TK attack: level 8, time 15 seconds, 7+range.
Must hit target with a roll of 8+, modified by armor. Damage is 2d.
Greater TK attack: level 11, time 15 seconds, 10+range.
Must hit target with a roll of 8+, modified by armor. Damage is 3d.

Special powers:
Anti psionic field:
Negates -within range- all psionic activity of a level lower than the activated one, time is 60 seconds, cost is (level activated)+range, range of power is the same as telekinesis.
Awareness or Teleport on others: just add 1 PS point cost for the target (and for each target...).

Psi-Probe: TL 15, cost 10.000 cr, banned by Imperial laws, wt 2kg.
The Psi probe is one of the greatest achievement of military research stations of the Imperium. A psi probe requires medic-1 at least to be used. A victim subject to the psi probe suffers 2d+6 damage points after half an hour of treatment and must resist a psionic assault. If the defense roll fails and the victim is still conscious it can be subject to the effects of Probe, Read Thoughts or Mind Control. To use another power you have to go through all the routine anew(damage, assault roll...).
At the end of each psi probe session a victim must roll 6+ (DM’s: +1 if psionic, +2 if telepath, +1 if Int A+, +2 if Int C+) or lose 1 permanent point of Intelligence. At 0 Intelligence the character becomes a vegetable.
Psi-Probe can be used to increase the effect of Instruction skill, actually it can take the place of real Instruction, after the six weeks/months period (as for usual instruction rules) the character rolls with a +2 DM for learning. Consider the whole Instruction period as one single psi-probe session for loss of Intelligence.

Burner: Inhibites psionic activity depleting a character’s psionic strength and stopping psi strength recovery for 1d6 extra hours. Burner is considered a psi drug for pitfalls. Burner has the same availability and price as Booster. Wicked and prejudiced dealers may sell it as Booster.

Hope you like this,
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