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Non-Traveller Gaming A forum specifically for discussing those other games we like to play.

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Old October 12th, 2016, 02:59 AM
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Default Star Trek RPG by Modiphius

Modiphius Press (of the UK) has the license for a new Star Trek Adventures RPG.

Playtest application opens 13 October 2016... (no links here, please. Anyone interested can google it easily enough)...

Things known about it at present:

1. Uses their 2d20 system (which actually uses 2d20 to 5d20)
2. Supports Primary Timeline only (no JJVerse)
3. Includes TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise under the license.
4. includes ship combat.
5. 4 different adventure path sets for playtest
6. Plans for a living campaign system - Initially, just feedback determines state for later adventures, later to include an organized play system (confirmed today)

What I know of the system comes from the quickstarts, and a borrowed copy of Mutant Chronicles.
Att range on other 2d20 games is 5-14, centering about 9.
Conan has 7 attributes, 25 skills. Mutant Chronicles 3rd ed has 8 attributes, 17 skills. Infinity has 7 attributes, 24 skills.
Skill levels on the quick-plays for other 2d20 games show skills linked to attributes, and in the 0-4 range, as does the MC core.
Focus is separate from skill level in MC & Infinity, but appears linked directly to it in Conan.
Talents (similar to d20 feats or FFG SW Talents) are present in the QS's for MC and for Conan. Talents in MC are attached to specific skills, while in conan they are more general.

Each d20 rolled is checked separately...
Roll ≤ Att+Skill = 1 success
Roll ≤ Focus = +1 success (total 2)
Roll 20 = Complication (Stress can make the range go down as far as 15-20...)

So, a basic roll (2d20) has a potential for up to 4 successes; difficulty scale goes 0-5 successes needed. (0 is no roll needed, but roll allowed to gain extra successes...)

All of them have a pool of once/session bonus points that grant extra successes. Also, there are points which can be used to buy extra dice, reactions, and trigger special abilities; these come from exceeding difficulties.

I'm planning on applying for the playtest.

It promises to be interesting, even if I foresee issues with the system mechanics.
~ Aramis /trav
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