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Old November 22nd, 2013, 10:09 PM
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Default Star Trek Next?

There's rumor that a new Star Trek show may be developed for TV. This one is supposed to be set in the new timeline of the Abrams movies and feature a crew other than Kirk & Co. and a ship other than Enterprise.

If this is true, I've got an idea for a premise.

The show will be based around a group of Starfleet personnel charged with reuniting the Vulcans and discovering/colonizing a new Vulcan homeworld. Yes, I know that New Vulcan is seen in the recent film, Star Trek - Into Darkness, but this series will tell of the problems that the Vulcans are having on New Vulcan. And, the logical thing to do is find a more suitable world to serve as the new Vulcan homeworld.

This will be the first Trek series to be based on a world--the world of New Vulcan (Yes, DS9 was based on a space station.), but at least half to three-quarter of the episodes will feature the crew of a Starfleet vessel leading the search for the perfect planet.

Some ideas--

The Romulans come with open hands to help their long, lost cousins, but, in reality, they have a secret agenda to keep the Vulcans from ever again becoming a center of power within the Federation/galaxy.

But, the Romulans aren't the only faction to work with clandestine measures. The Vulcans themselves have a sect that is dedicated to restoring the original Vulcan homeworld by manipulating the timeline. Their goal is patriotic, dangerous, and secretive besides being a goal never before achieved by any known species: They only want to change one aspect of the timeline--to prevent the destruction of the Vulcan homeworld--while keeping the remaining aspect of the timeline intact. When discovered, Starfleet will work against them. They will be "gray" bad-guys in that their goal is understood and desireable (if it were Earth that was destroyed, we'd root for them), but what they are doing is so dangerous that the probability is that they will eradicate the current timeline--something nobody wants.

Stories could feature Vulcan expatriots, reuniting with survivors of their homeworld destruction.

Colonization of new worlds, where multi-episode story archs take place, only to find that the world will not work.

Delve deep into Vulcan mysticism, illumanating aspects of Vulcan culture like never before.

A key set will be the Starfleet wing of the Earth embassy on New Vulcan. This will be the homeport of the ship and crew featured in the show.

Several Vulcans aboard the exploration ship, with stories showing exclusive Vulcan away teams.

There may be major plot lines that put the search for a new Vulcan homeworld on the back burner for a while--such as a threat that the entire Federation will unravel as the factions bicker in the wake of the Vulcan homeworld destruction.

I'm sure there's more thought we could put to this.

Your thoughts?
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