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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old September 13th, 2017, 01:09 PM
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Default Port of Call: Regina

I've been thinking about writing a piece about Galaxiad-era Regina -- that is, the area around or of importance to Regina's starports, about eight-hundred years after the Third Imperium.

Let's say I'd at least have to find out what's changed from 1105. Eight centuries is a long time for a civilization to persist.

So a traveller would be interested to know...


* Who is the current Starport Warden on Regina?
* the starport authority and who works there
* bases and who's in charge of them
* who trades there
* what corporations serve the port (and what deals were made)
* lodging ("TAS" or equivalent)
* the hiring hall? (maybe not... maybe this is just a thing)
* nearby cities (why though? anything interesting about them, or are they boring?)
* Why is everyone jacked into their hand-held via their Wafer Jack and ignoring station boards, public announcements?
* How much advertisement is present in the concourse, trying to compete for the attention of the sophonts disembarking a given starship or spaceship?


* Regina's UWP and Trade Classifications
* the "old port". the "old port town". ruins, forgotten underground facilities, ancient data bases, long-term hazmat zones.
* Who won this year's championship in everyone's favorite sport in this day and age?
* What can be overheard from locals, Starport workers, Spacers and fellow Travellers inside the Starport?


* tech available
* what parts of Startown do you visit when you need XYZ?
* What sophonts are present?
* * Where can their enclaves and representative and information kiosk can be found in the new Starport?
* * What conditions does the average local race live in?
* * Is there peaceful coexistence or are species lines still drawn?
* * Has the ethnic of that race made peace with the integrated version that has been on this world for so long?
* * Has an individual race taken up certain niches in the local Market?


* How many hulls are familiar, how many unfamiliar, and how have ships changed?
* What's the Comms chatter like in this day and age?
* Are there non-evil (i.e. non-Vampire) AI ships?

[What happened to XYZ?]
News about the Spinward Marches [e.g. TNS and Virus] (and Charted Space in general) is suitable for a separate milieu intro article... which has been written and edited already. And there's some library data, as well.
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