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CotI Website Issues This is the place to let us know if you are having any problems or questions with the features available on the CotI website.

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Old January 7th, 2010, 09:05 PM
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Default Warnings, Bans, and YOU.


Everyone should be on notice that things are going to be run a little tighter around here. It should not have to come to this, again. The ability to connect and type here should indicate a level of sufficient maturity to be polite but there is far too much crap being posted to support that. Some of it is down to a simply failing to reign in responses to trolls. Guilty. That ends, now, I hope.

But if Warnings don't work Bans will. And the method of Warning is under review as well. You might not like the new ideas if they are adopted and you run afoul of them. Remember, everyone is here on their graces, that's what you signed up for, and if you can't be civil you will be sent packing. It doesn't matter if you have money down either, for anything, a subscription or access to T5 or whatever, that doesn't excuse crossing the line or buy you a pass. Complaints are one thing and acceptable when valid, abuse is another matter entirely and won't be tolerated.

Ah yes, "the line" that some have a hard time seeing. Let's be clear, it isn't always a sharp line and it is subject to interpretation. So your best practice is to always stay well back from it, not to dance and tightrope walk along it. And if you should happen to stumble and worry that maybe you fell over the line your best defense is a quick and contrite apology and/or edit of your post. If you do that before too much damage is done or a moderator sees it you'll probably be forgiven. Clear? Good.

Also note there are some very well defined points on that line though and crossing them won't get you a Warning. They'll get you a Ban. If you're not sure you know them review the FAQ and TOS. I think that needs repeating and enhancement...

If you're not sure you know them, review the FAQ and TOS.

Heck, even if you are sure you know them it's a good idea to review them now and then. They are subject to change. Your memory may not be what you think it is. You may have confused another site's rules with this one's. Go read them now. I'll wait for you to come back...

One exception I'm willing to grant though the other Mods may not, is the Banned user sock-puppet account. And even then under only a very limited usage and still subject to instant Ban. That is until/if the site is once again made fully open for reading without an account. If a sock-puppet account is simply used to lurk and read you're not going to be in trouble with me. Unless it's found that you're using it in some disruptive way. You might even get away with joining in discussions but you can expect to be under tighter scrutiny and be cut no slack at all. If it looks like the account is a sock-puppet and the user is up to the same or similar stuff that got them a Ban in the first place they shouldn't be at all surprised when they are banned again. And you should expect to be blocked or banned on sight thereafter. A second chance is just that. There should be no third chances needed. And they won't be given. Don't blow it if you find you need it. But you really shouldn't need it.

I've had some feedback on this, have edited it, and wish to add some thoughts from that feedback.

None of us want to Ban anyone. What we want are interesting, even lively, discussions of Traveller in all it's permutations and combinations. If you have something to contribute, throw it in. If you don't, then sit back and read and enjoy. If something angers or annoys you DO NOT reply. Don't try to moderate it yourself as tempting as it may be. Just use the report button. Let us screw it up instead. It's what we're paid the big bucks for
Dan "far-trader" Burns

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