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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old April 30th, 2013, 12:42 AM
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Default Gazelle Close Escort, Step 5: Drives and Fuel

Drives and Fuel (pp. 318-322, 337-340)

Next, drives are chosen (pp. 318-322; drive formulas are on page 337, while drive potential-related tables are on pages 338 and 340). The Gazelle has Jump-5, Maneuver-5, and Power Plant-5. Using the type D hull as a vertical index into the drive potential table (p. 340), one finds that potential-5 corresponds to a drive ‘K’, so we install a Jump Drive K, Maneuver Drive K, and Power Plant K, using the values from the drives table on page 338. The volume of the J-Drive K is 55 tons, the volume of the M-Drive K is 19 tons, and the volume of the P-Plant K is 31 tons. Looking at the bottom of the table, we see that the J-Drive and P-Plant cost MCr1 per ton, while the M-Drive costs MCr 2 per ton. Total cost is therefore MCr 1 x (55+31) + MCr 2 x 19 = MCr 124.

The typical jump drive requires 10% hull volume of fuel per parsec jumped (p. 319). In this case, one parsec jumped requires (1 x 400)/10 = 40 tons of fuel. The Gazelle carries two parsecs of fuel internally, which comes to 80 tons of jump fuel.

The power plant requires fuel equal to the power plant rating times 1% of the hull volume (p. 337), according to the equation (H x P)/100, where H is the hull volume, and P is the power plant rating. In this case, the power plant requires (400 x5)/100 = 20 tons of fuel, per ‘month’. The default mode for a power plant is Decentralized, which is more fuel efficient than a Centralized Power Plant. We will install 4 weeks’ worth of fuel, for a total of 20 tons.

QSP. Now that we know the ship’s Mission Code (EC), Hull Code (D), hull Configuration (U), Maneuver rating (5) and Jump rating (5), we can put them all together, in that order, to form the Quick Ship Profile (QSP) as “EC-DU55”:

	EC-DU55 (Gazelle-class Close Escort) TL 14

	Vol  Component                 MCr  Notes
	400  Hull D, Unstreamlined     14   -1 Agility
	-    Charged                   14   AV 28
	4    Landing Legs, Pads         4   Wilderness Landing OK
	-    Jump Bubble                -   Field Strength = 120
	16   Armor                      -   AV 56 (TOTAL)
	55   Jump Drive K              55   Jump-5
	80   Jump fuel                  -   2 parsecs
	19   M-Drive K                 38   5 Gs
	31   Power Plant K             43   P-5
	20   Power Plant fuel           -   4 weeks
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