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Old April 14th, 2017, 11:45 AM
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Default HIGHGUARD - A DATA card generator that uses Highguard Templates

This is my Highguard DATA card generator.

It includes a viewable database, that now includes 78 ship, all official GDW ships from supplements 7 and 9, all FASA ships, and a lot of others that happened to land on my HD over the years.

If you have ships you would like to have included, post them here.

This is the format I am using, it is identical to the form the ships are presented in print:

DATA "Tigress","Dreadnought"
DATA "BB-V5368J4-F97909-967T9-30",362721,500000
DATA " A N AXA1Z ",4054,15
DATA 0,0,0,190000,40000,6,0
DATA 50,215,430

DATA "Alexandria","Port of Call free Trader"
DATA "A1-2111111-000000-00000-0",37.08,200
DATA " ",4,12
DATA 6,20,82,30,2,1,0
DATA 0,0,0

After you start the software, you can scroll through the ship database, which will be run over several pages. On the last page you can enter the number of the ship you have chosen. After pressing enter the DATA card will be shown on screen.

T = will show you the ships damage tables

SPACE = will restart the program

Any other key will return to the ship data card

Right now it will generate two cards that can be saved as JPGs, by hitting ALT GR and PRINT SCRN

The upper 3 rows contain basic data like type, tonnage, TL, etc.

Line 4, starting with computer contains most values that are important for defence, like Armour, MeS - Meson screen, NuD - Nuclear Damper, SaC - Sandcaster and Rep - Repulsor.

After that comes a block with all the tables you need for hitting a target and penetrating the defences.

In the top left corner are the most important values for defence. HIT is the ships total evasive capability, e.g. the number an enemy ship has to add to its ToHit number at short or long range to get the correct die roll target. PEN is similar, it dpicts the value to modify the Penetration rolls through the various screens.

The values after that correspond to the tables below

Batt. = the number of batteries bearing on target

S = ToHit number at short range
L = ToHit number at long range

DEF - the defensive systems that can be used against that weapon type, SaC = Sandcaster, MeS = Meson screen, Con = Configuration, S/B Sandcaster and/or Beams, Rep = Repulsor, NuD = Nuclear Damper

The next rows, 1-9 correspond to the strength of the defences.

DAM stands for additional information for the damage tables. With smaller ships the value is CT# where # is a number between 0-8. These are ships with a critical threshold. If the value of the battery is higher than that number, then the ship will receive 1 critical hit per difference. E.g. A ship with C6 is hit by a battery with a factor of 9. It will receive 3 (9-6) critical hits in addition to the normal damage.

Example: A Tigress fires her Spinal Meson Gun at another Tigress, the ToHit value at Short Range is -7, the HIT Defence is 13.

-7 + 13 is 6, so the other ship can be hit with a roll of 6+. The same rule works for penetration. The Tigress has a Meson Screen of 7, that's a -5 + PEN 9 = 4. The screen can be penetrated on a roll of 4+.

The second chart contains all damage tables, with all DM's already worked into the results.

There are 3 groups with 7 tables.



1. Factor < 10 is for all batteries with a value of 9 or smaller, with the exceptions of meson guns and nuclear missiles.

2. The Nuke/SM column is for surface hits by spinal mount PA's and hits by Nuclear Missiles.


3. The Armor column is radiation damage by Nuclear missiles and PA's that is mitigated by the armored hull.

4. The Meson <10 column is for radiation damage caused by Meson guns with a size of 9 and smaller.

5. The Meson SM column is for radiation damage caused by Spinal Mount weapons.


4. The Meson <10 column is for all Meson guns that are NOT spinal mounts.

5. The Meson SM+IE column is for all interior explosions caused either by Spinal Mounts or as a secondary effect from another table.

Missing tables: there was no space left for the Critical hits table. This will be solved in one of the next versions.

if you want to run the software on an OS other than WIN64, download the QB64 software for your system from

Download Link
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