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Old May 25th, 2017, 12:45 AM
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Default Soteria - Aubani Security Corporation


I started working on mercenaries in the RC and came up with this bodyguard company. Let me know if there anything I could do to improve the write up.




Soteria is a private security firm based on Aubaine. They provide body guards to celebrities, corporate leaders and anyone else in need of protection. They have approximately 150 body guards on contract at any time. When needed they will hire extra help on a temporary basis. They will also take on the job of securing residences of their clients for an extra cost. Most of this work is subcontracted out, but their staff designs the overall security system. Soteria has an excellent reputation. This reputation is well deserved and it comes with a hefty price tag. The company's name comes from an ancient Terran deity of protection.

The company was founded 25 years ago by Charles Diojourdi. He was an ex-police inspector. He is now 86 and has mostly retired since suffering a stroke a decade ago. He has mostly recovered, but spends most of his time on his sail boat. His son, Liam Diojourdi, and daughter, Mary Ellen Diojourdi manage the company. Mary Ellen was an operative for the Interior Ministry's Special Arm investigating threats against state security. Her brother served several terms in the Aubaine special forces. When the company grew too much for their father and his ailing health, both left government service to work at the firm. Charles maintains an office at the headquarters, which he uses occasionally. He is always willing to consult with his children on clients with special needs.

Soteria has a central headquarters in Brusman that operates around the clock. All of their personal wear visors with integrated communicators/video systems/night vision/computers. The lenses of the visors are photoreactive and darken when exposed to sunlight and lighten up when the wearer is indoors or at night. This allows the bodyguards to maintain almost constant communication with the data center from anywhere on Aubaine via the global satellite network. The center can provide backup, information on possible assailants, escape routes and anything else necessary to protect the client. The bodyguards are normally equipped with TL-9 auto-pistols. Some of them also have body pistols as a backup weapon.

Soteria has two dozen Schalli on the payroll as bodyguards (there are many Schalli working the in the data center). They can provide protection for other Schalli, but also provide extra security for clients on boats or who have ocean front properties.

Soteria can provide bodyguards on an hourly basis or by the week. Hourly contracts are often used by celebrities or others who need a guard for a public appearance or some short event. The rates per bodyguard is 200Cr per hour. Long term contracts are for those in more persistent danger. The weekly rate for a bodyguard is 5000 Cr. Most long-term contracts call for a minimum of a team of 3 guards to provide round the clock coverage.

These rates are for standard bodyguards, elite bodyguards are available at double the normal prices.

Standard Bodyguards
Experienced NPC
Combat Assets: Slug Pistol, Unarmed Martial Arts

Elite Bodyguards
Veteran NPC
Combat Assets: Slug Pistol, Unarmed Martial Arts

Adventure Hooks:

An off-world diplomat/government official is visiting Aubaine to discuss possibly joining the RC. Not everyone from the home world is happy with this and they have sent assassins to kill the diplomat. Soteria needs surge support and hires the players, who have good references. Or the players could be working for the RC and will be liaising with the Soteria bodyguards that the diplomat has hired.

Auction generates huge profits for some people; other people are sometimes tempted by that windfall. Soteria has provided bodyguards to several groups that have received multi-million credit payments at Auction.

Soteria is providing guards to a character that the players need to question/kidnap.

The players have angered a powerful group or individual that has put a price on their head. This could be a corporation, a corrupt politician, or organized crime. The players could hire Soteria to provide guards to protect them.

The company can also provide a background for player characters or a source of contacts.
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