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Old December 9th, 2014, 10:34 PM
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Default An Iridium-80 radioactive sword?

I was reading the novel Riptide, by the authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Long story...its about the oak island money pit, which has the obligatory hoard of pirate loot...and a cursed sword.

The sword of saint deadly that even to look at it meant death...yes lots of star sapphires studded the gold hilt and sheath...the blade though...

Pitted, flattened, to the touch...scaly and oxidized to a purplish black with inclusions of white...kept in a lead casket and found in a roman temple ruin...

Supposedly it radiated the entire treasure...killed of the pirates by killing their bone marrow...then with no immune system they fell victim to "opportunistic diseases".

A high tech gieger counter sternly stated 240.8 rads/hour...through tens of feet of rock and earth when the casket was cracked open for a peek...33.144 rads/hour when then closed...but raised to 3217.89 rads/hour when the sword was drawn...

Even if this thing would make one hell of a treasure for my it even possible?

The book hint that the sword came to earth in a meteorite, but was a treasur eof the spanish crown after some foolish sailor took it from the romen ruins...all on his ship were found dead.

Since the author had even the lead casket be warm to the touch, they seem to have hit on radiothermal decay generators and ran with the idea...

But could it work or is it hogwash? If the latter I'll just use some other lure for my pirate treasure.
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