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Recruiting Office By request, a forum for Traveller Referees seeking players in their area and vice-versa.

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Old January 2nd, 2004, 10:50 AM
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Hello my fellow Traveller players and GMs, I am looking for other Traveller players in my local area...Croydon, Pa...just slightly north of Philadelphia county in South Eastern Pa.

I am looking to form a group of 5 players with myself as the GM for a new campaign group I am creating. The time of play has not been set yet but I was thinking about a weeknight starting at 7pm and running till like 10:30-11pm, this would be a weekly game as well. I am willing to talk this out with the collective group, once we are ready to start gaming.

As to the game campaign setting itself, well I intend to use elements from a number of different games all wrapped together and they are: Traveller, Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, Stargate, and elements taken from Barsoom(Sp?)! I will be using the d20 system mechanics, and players will be based on Traveller characters within this campaign setting.

Now as for the setting itself, well I use the star charts of the Verge Subsector that I have based many of my past campaigns within. I have loads of details worked out for these systems, just with this campaign I will have to make some changes.

Ok the players will be colonists on a 200 yr Cryo Sleeper Arc, to a New Earth (Earth II). They are part of the command crew on this 13th Colony ship to this new system. The first colony ship arrived in system some 65 yrs ago, and one followed every 5 yrs. You as players know that there is one following you in 5 yrs time as well too. Well when the party awakens, they discover their ship is under attack by a unknown attacker in their destination system.

Now basically the story line backdrop, is that about 5000 yrs in the past a Empire existed that was ruled by a race called the "Krull" and they look like the Red Martians from Barsoom Novels. They had a empire that stretched across space and many of their Cities, Sites, and world in different systems were all interconnected using a Stargate System (simular to the SG1 series). Well that empire collapsed somehow, and this system that the humans are settling in was one of their systems.

The players have the world to explore, with all it's different races; Humans, Krull, Tharks, Space Orcs, and others. All the different ruins and etc, on planet and in system. Discover whom the attackers are, and why they are attacking, plus find this Mythical Stargate (what ever that is) and so on.

Now the game will have a strong Traveller feel, but also will have various other flavors too. It all depends on what the players want to get involved with and etc. There is a Human culture in system on the new HomeWorld, and they will have a base of opperations to work from. The sky is the limint and the players get to set which dirrection they take the campaign in. I just love to have plots, within plots, within plots. Also note for my campaign setting, to travel between systems via Jump, is by Cryo Sleep tubes and takes months...not just hours in Jump Space. This is done because I want players to focus more on the systems then just bouncing all over space.

Just to give you some more details on me, 39 yrs old and started playing CT at age 12. That is like 27+ yrs, and I have collected mostly everything Traveller and related material as well too. So are there any local players out there?

Penn Eckert
ICQ# 51050510
Yahoo messenger ID: pennshome723
I am online all day 8:30am-4:30pm from work and can talk via any of the above.
Long time Old Traveller Gamer and Game Master circa 1976
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