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Ship's Locker Submit your favorite original equipment and weapons for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old May 17th, 2006, 07:01 AM
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Selected quotes regarding Sci-fi weaponry (man-portable) from:

First, some reference links mentioned, where you can get additional stuff…

And for “today’s cutting edge”, including military applications.

The original poster from the Herogames thread is mentioned, then the quotation. My words are in the {curly brackets}


First section: guns.

Tgranjean, quoting from the Wiki:

Reason (weapon system)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reason is a fictional weapon system from the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. It is a multibarrel needlegun, similar to a Gatling gun, that fires small heavy fragments at super high speeds that will penetrate nearly anything.

Name Plate
The name plate reads:

Version 1.0B7
Gatling type 3mm hypervelocity railgun system
Ng Security Industries, Inc.

Ultima Ratio Regum
Latin for "The Last Argument (literally "reason") of Kings", the phrase Ultima Ratio Regum was engraved on all of Louis XIV's cannon (referred to in Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle). This simple declaratory statement reflects the sentiment that ultimately, in the anarchical world of society between sovereigns, force is the final arbiter when parties cannot agree to adjudicate conflicts or contracts.

It shoots 3 mm depleted uranium fragments at very high velocities and a very high rate of fire. It is composed of several different pieces:

A large, black, wheeled suitcase weighing somewhere over 300 pounds (140 kg). This contains the ammo for the weapon and becomes considerably lighter as it is used. It also has a control panel inside containing important information such as ammo left and the subsystem statuses.
A set of around two dozen 3 mm barrels around three feet (1 m) in length, attached together in a Gatling gun configuration. This is connected to the suitcase via a wrist-thick set of flexible cables and ammo feeds. These barrels spin so quickly when fired that they become a blur. The barrel system can be mounted to the firer's body to absorb the recoil.
A nuclear isotope power system that is cooled via a large chunk of heatsinks that glow white hot when in the open air. However, when submerged into a large body of water, it cools the system quite well. It is connected to the suitcase via a 3 in (75 mm) flexible cable.
The initial operating system needed a hotpatch, as it crashed in the field at a very critical time. The weapon was new and had not yet been rigorously tested in the field.

Menu System
Getting ready
Firing Reason
Tactical tips
AmadanNaBriona wrote
First, the pistols carried by the Sandmen in the book version of Logans Run. Dial up your choice from a variety of rocket propelled munitions carried in the gun and have at. The direct ancestor of the Lawgiver from Judge Dredd.
An idea that I used (with variations) repeatedly in my first Star Hero Game, back before Star Hero came out.

Second.... The Spetsdod, from Steve Perry's "Matador" series. A small gas powered dart gun worn on the back of the hand, with the barrel extending down over the index finger. Fired by a contact patchon the underside of the barrel, it's just what the name says... the ultimate point & shoot weapon. When combined with the ammo seen most often in the books, it's always struck me as a brilliant non lethal weapon... Spasm is a bioengineered self replicating viral toxin that locks all voluntary muscles into painful contractions for 6 months. With proper treatment, completely non lethal, but EXPENSIVE to tend to spasm locked victims, and it certainly gives someone a lot of time to consider if violence is REALLY the best course of action for their life. The perfect non lethal revolutionaries weapon.
Von D-Man wrote:
For sheer look and feel, let alone the anti-matter rounds in the top barrel, I'd have to go with the Blaster from Blade Runner.
AlHazred wrote:
I'll add the AM-280 rifle from Chapter 39 of Gerrold's A Matter For Men. A needler, it has a fantastic multi-frequency laser sight built in. When the sight is tuned with the same code key as the accompanying helmet, the laser changes frequency randomly and unpredictably several times a minute, with the helmet changing frequency of pickup in time with it. So, you can see the beam as a steady beam, but alien species that can see some unusual frequencies shouldn't be able to see the beam most of the time. Better for stealth.
Inu wrote:
Originally Posted by LordGhee
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />I liked the ideal of the smart gun as scripted and in the novelation.

it was a belt fed pistol using the same round as the standard Marine weapon. mounted on a gimbel armed with a tv sight attacted to the weapon. this worked like an attack helocopter gun sigth, where you look it points this allowed for fast action and most importantly the ability to look and shoot around corners. Very important to clear a ship or building in a safe way.
Something our troops would like now.
Oh, very much. The Colonial Marines Technical Manual did a nice article on the smartgun. Had a nice quote, with one soldier saying that the auto-targetting was just spooky, and TOO good. That most of the bad guys dropped in one engagement looked like they'd been shot exactly once... with all the bullets going through the same entry point.

And as with most of the tech in Aliens, it's more than just pretty or a nice idea... it's fully thought through. The mount's mobile enough to lift up to fire over cover, and it can even fire while prone, though that's a little tricky. Increases firepower while decreasing movement only minimally.

I LOVE the tech in Aliens. Great-looking, functional, inventive. Improvements over real-world tech and logical extensions of it at the same time.
</font>[/QUOTE]Nyrath wrote:
Good answers, all. Not familiar with Harry Harrison's Pyran gun, but it sounds interesting; maybe I'll have to check them out.

The colonist on the planet Pyrrus have the ultimate quick draw in a gadget called the "power-holster." The holster is strapped to your forearm. When you arrange your hand in "holding-a-pistol" posture, a mechanical actuator slams the gun out of the holster and into your hand.

From Deathworld by Harry Harrison

"Every gun is fitted to its owner and would be useless on anyone else," Brucco said. "I'll show you why." He led Jason to an armory jammed with deadly weapons. "Put your arm in this while I make the adjustments."

It was a box-like machine with a pistol grip on the side. Jason clutched the grip and rested his elbow on a metal loop. Brucco fixed pointers that touched his arm, then copied the results from the meters. Reading the figures from his list, he selected various components from bins and quickly assembled a power holster and gun. With the holster strapped to his forearm and the gun in his hand, Jason noticed for the first time they were connected by a flexible cable. The gun fitted his hand perfectly.

"This is the secret of the power holster," Brucco said, tapping the flexible cable. "It is perfectly loose while you are using the weapon. But when you want it returned to the holster-" Brucco made an adjustment and the cable became a stiff rod that whipped the gun from Jason's hand and suspended it in midair.

"Then the return." The rod cable whirred and snapped the gun back into the holster. "The drawing action is the opposite of this, of course."

"A great gadget," Jason said. "But how do I draw? Do I whistle or something for the gun to pop out?"

"No, it is not sonic control," Brucco answered with a sober face. "It is much more precise than that. Here, take your left hand and grasp an imaginary gunbutt. Tense your trigger finger. Do you notice the pattern of the tendons in the wrist? Sensitive actuators touch the tendons in your right wrist. They ignore all patterns except the one that says hand ready to receive gun. After a time the mechanism becomes completely automatic. When you want the gun, it is in your hand. When you don't, it is in the holster."

Jason made grasping motions with his right hand, crooked his index finger. There was a sudden, smashing pain against his hand and a loud roar. The gun was in his hand-half the fingers were numb-and smoke curled up from the barrel.

"Of course, there are only blank charges in the gun until you learn control. Guns are always loaded. There is no safety. Notice the lack of a trigger guard. That enables you to bend your trigger finger a slight bit more when drawing so the gun will fire the instant it touches your hand."

It was without doubt the most murderous weapon Jason had ever handled, as well as being the hardest to manage. Working against the muscle burning ache of high gravity, he fought to control the devilish device. It had an infuriating way of vanishing into the holster just as he was about to pull the trigger. Even worse was the tendency to leap out before he was quite ready. The gun went to the position where his hand should be. If the fingers weren't correctly placed, they were crashed aside. Jason only stopped the practice when his entire hand was one livid bruise.

Complete mastery would come with time, but he could already understand why the Pyrrans never removed their guns. It would be like removing a part of your own body. The movement of gun from holster to hand was too fast for him to detect. It was certainly faster than the neural current that shaped the hand into the gun-holding position. For all apparent purposes it was like having a lightning bolt in your fingertip. Point the finger and blamm, there's the explosion.
\"The world is a great book, of which they who never stir from home read only a page.\" St. Augustine
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