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T20 - Traveller for the D20 System Open discussion on the D20 version of Traveller!

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Old May 30th, 2017, 02:27 AM
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Default Post your T20 character

Baron Sir Neville Saint John Worthington haut Sinclair, Baronet (OIH), KCOG, Cmdr IN (retired), Count Kudebek (honorary). Medals PH x 2
L11 Humaniti HW = Gheelis Belt 0504 Ley B000511-C Age 43
Academic 1/Navy 4/Noble 6

STR 10 DEX 12 CON 12 INT 16 EDU 13 WIS 10 CHA 16 SOC 19 PSI 3 (tested but untrained, strength too low for his potential Teleportation abilities to be worth training).

Stam = 54 LB = 12 Fort +4 Ref +5 Will +10 Init +5
Liason +25 (yes, really), Gather Info +19, Gunner +14, Bluff +12, Intimidate +11, K/Nobility +10, Pro/Admin +9, P/Legal +7 Sense Motive +6, T/Commo +6, T/Computers +6, T/Sensors +6,Appraise +5, Bribery +5, K/Solomani +5, Recruiting +5, Decipher Script +4, Forward Observer +4, Gambling +4, Handle Animal +4, Entertain/Dancing +4, Pilot +4, K/Astrography +3, K/Imperial History +3, T/Medical +3, Search +3, P/Writer +2, Ride/Horse +2, T/Engineering +2, T/Mechanical +2, Use Alien Device +1

Languages - Galanglic (native), Vilani, Anglic (Modern Solomani), Anglic (Rule of Man), Anglic (Terran Confederation), Gvegh, Hiver, Irktolak, Sylean, Old High Vilani, Old Sylean, Zhodani, Gvurrdon, Trokh, at least one more

Feats - Vehicle/Grav, Armor/Vacc Suit, ZeroG/LowG Adaptation, Research/Military, Armor/Light, Weapon/Lasers, Weapon/Marksman, Weapon/Swordsman, Vehicle/Starships, Damage Control, Connections/Nobility, Ship Tactics, Trustworthy, Persuasive, Weapon/Ships Weapons, Improved Initiative, Leader, Weapons/Field Artillery, Connections/Academic, Skill Focus K/ ? (never picked, added to Academic class after I play-tested this character)

Melee +6 Ranged +6
Sword [+2 Keen] +8 1d8+2 pierce
Snub Pistol (w/ MW Ammo] +7 (dam varies by ammo type)

TAS Memberhip, Cr (carried) 30,000+, Cr (in his cabins gun safe) 150,000 Cr (in ships safe) about 2.2 million cash in bills and another Cr 5,000 in coins, Valuable in Mercenary Corporate Stock [MCr 15.01 based on purchase value,more like MCr 500 base on current value], MCR 1 in War Bonds, three CR 100,000 outfits to wear to the Moot (but apparently he was still under-dressed), other fancy clothes, two floating wardrobes to hold it,some nice jewelry, several more fancy swords, various expensive gear, Bottle of 100 Psi Special drugs [Zhodani military issue], Imperial Stationary, Blank, 10 sheets (when he tried to give it back to the Emperor Neville was told he could keep it, but he'd better not use it for anything inappropriate), the Moot Proxy of an Archduke (who couldn't make it, but Neville was headed that way anyway and had just done him a favor), the best spacesuit TL 15 can buy (from Vincennes), a Darrian Gravitic 6G thruster pack, a ships cat, lots and lots of valuable but not useful on an adventure wedding gifts, a few nice books, a Zhodani Meditation crystal, some 1,400 year old copies of the Odyssey and the Illiad printed in Anglic on Terra, quarters on Wypoc,an apartment on Mora, a small condo on Capital/Core, use of another small apartment and a Grav flyer on Capital, a Darrian Flame sculpture (modern era), some High Passage Coupons, MCR 1 in Life Insurance for himself and his wife.
Cohort (from Leader) = NPC Wife Tasha (also with lots of money, TAS Membership, and some fancy gear), Followers = Vargr ships crew/goons
The campaign is over and Neville, his wife, and the Vargr are on their way back to Ley Sector. Neville will serve as 13th Baron Gheelis (Mom retired) and have children.
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