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Old July 29th, 2011, 08:16 PM
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Default Dead Moon

Dead Moon

Tyrell, Captain of the Trieste, a port of call class far trader, was drinking a cup of coffee as he was looking over the books on his holo-screen in the Captain's Quarters. "I'll never get rich this way," he thought, barely having two credits to rub together. Hauling machine tools into Mewey, an agricultural world, was decent credits, but they better have something better to trade going out, a hold filled with grain was as bad as dead heading out. A chime and tab appeared on his holo screen, his pilot calling in, he hit the tab and his screen filled with a sultry exotic face: the pilot. "Captain Rees, we will be dropping out of Jump in fifteen minutes." She reported. He looked into her dark eyes and angular beautiful face, shaped as if a "V", maybe for Vilani, Fitting. He had told her to call him Ty for the last three years she'd piloted this old ship, but as a naval officer and how vilanini being weened on tradition, their comfort zone, hers; she couldn't understand why he wouldn't use his title of Captain, to her it was absurd. One can't fault her though, and he couldn't ask for a better pilot, in piloting, accuracy counts, and to her, a millimeter off was sloppy, intolerable. She set her jaw and bit her lip slightly, looking at him, waiting for his reply. He almost called her Lyssiinki, her first name, but decided to just state: "I will be out shortly, thank you."

As he hit the bridge, Lyssiinki called out, "Captain's on the Bridge." Jazon, the comms, nav operator always gave a bit of a smirk at it, but not to her face. Standing there, she looked very dutiful in her old navy uniform, still cut to fit perfectly, sans insignia. Her admin skills had been a real lifesaver, but his whole crew was the money maker in the ship, it couldn't be done by robots, that's for sure. They dropped out of jump space, for what seemed to be another routine cargo run, with a fistfull of credits to pay the crew and maybe enough left over to buy a beer or two at a downport dive. What wasn't routine was the two fighters that lit out on an intercept course for them. "Heave to, this is Mewey Control, over." Huh? This is a scheduled run, they had to have the plan we're coming in, smuggling check maybe? Ty thought. Lyssi cut in on the comm quickly with a reply with her measured response of cool authority: "This is the Trieste running machinery, vector zed fiver, into Mewey, scheduled." Her voice dripping ice. It did the trick as usual, the patrol letting them on through. However, landing was anything but the normal boring that was usuual at the end of a milk run like this, the landing pad looked like a battle had recently erupted and a squad of troops meeting them was more than a little odd...

Mewey ( 0808 D786799 5 Rich. Agricultural. G.) an independent world in the Five Sisters Subsector on the edge of the Imperium. The player group is bringing in cargo to this argicultural world with an A2 Far Trader. Everything seems fine on the approach to the planet, clearance to land is granted without a problem, once they state their origin. landing, there seems to be an unusual amount of activity on the landing field, a ship marked with a CinoCor logo is there, looking damaged as if it made a barely controlled landing. upon closer inspection, there are soldiers covering up and moving corpses on to vehicles, obviously a battle has taken place here recently. The crew will be met by squad of local armry troops, accompanied by an individual in an Imperial Navy Officer's uniform.

The officer is Lieutenant Commander Devon Garris, Naval Intelligence attache at the Imperial Embassy to Mewey. Garris will want to talk to the Captain of the ship, alone if possible. Garris needs the crew to take him and a squad on a very important mission to a world two parsecs away. Lt. Commander Garris has a few options to try to convince the crew to go along with the mission, he'll convince the captain of the ship to come to the Embassy with his crew to talk there. Once there he will be cordial offering whatever luxuries of the Imperium that he has managed to import to this world. his office is beautiful with big windows overlooking mewey's capital, a clean bustling mid-sized city on a green world. Once there Garris will skirt around the issue of what happened at the landing field, saying there had been some sort of attack. However he will eventually get down to fact he needs the ship, preferably flown by the crew as he is a pilot, but there are few others on Mewey who know how to run a starship. As an official of the Imperium, he has the authority to offer the crew a healthy payment to take him there and back.

Garris will start off with using the idea of doing the right thing, then moving to the offer of money (up to 1 MCr) and then to threaten to bar them from entering the Imperium. If the crew agrees to the deal, he will then tell them to get ready to leave as soon as possible, he will explain the rest of the mission in jumpspace. The post jump check over of the ship and other duties will leave a 14 hour turn around. If refueling at the gas giant and the use of unrefined fuel has a detrimental effect on the ship, Garris can give a chit for an overhaul at a Imperial Naval base. Garris will also want to bring a squad of Imperial Marines from the embassy guard (Gauss Rifle armed and armored in Combat Armor), he may be able to supply arms and armor from the Marine Armory at the embassy. As the time to leave, Garris will be impatient to leave.

975-452 (0810 E100316 9 Non-industrial. G independent.) Is the destination, Garris will inform them it is the location of Cinotaksim Corporation Research Laboratories. It is an isolated moon of the gas giant, which the moon is owned by the corporation. Garris has a message he took from the CinoCor ship, he had to decode it, though from previous messages, Naval Intelligence provided the cypher key. Garris will finally explain the battle at the landing pad was with individuals who had been affected by a bio-warfare weapon and that there are likely to be more infected individuals at the laboratory. Any fears of the crew about being affected by the bio-weapon, Garris will give a wry smile and say that it is airborne, however if they stay sealed up, they should be fine.

The message reads:

"Success! It still needs better weaponization, however the Reanimator Dreadnaught is amazing, this is a profound breakthrough. I know that when you see the results, you will feel your investment to have paid off handsomely.

Arriving in system, the moon is spotted orbiting the the Gas Giant, all in it's silent splendor, seeming to mock the crew's nervous anticipation. Moving towards the moon, slowly radio transmissions are picked up, System Defense Boats will close in challenging the ship, Garris will wave them off, saying the are the beginning of an Imperial rescue mission, move in to try to get information from them. Eventually a larger ship is seen, a 400 ton surplus fuel shuttle, it radios in that it's crew is requesting pickup. Garris, however, identifies himself as the Imperial authorities and that help is on the way (which for all the crew can tell is not true). As time passes, Garris becomes more agitated, when asked about the mission, he says it will just be a quick incursion into the actual lab to retrieve the data from the experiment, so as to secure it from anyone getting their hands on the weapon. The moon itself is rather rocky and barren place, within a canyon upon the floor, lies a mid-sized domed city - Cinotaksim Corporation Laboratories, what employees call CinoCor City. All is quiet as the Far Trader comes in for a landing at the domed city's starport...

all feedback or questions welcome. email me at

-Robert Currie 7/29/2011

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