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Old August 11th, 2017, 02:00 PM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (1416.56 - Tihomir) Day 25

[Tihomir] - [Biter 1416.56.1000 IST (1200 local)] Basement, Hidden Location, Oregrund

"Seems a waste to feed 'em" said the woman as ripped the sack off your head, which jerked back and slammed against the chair. Tihomir squinted as his eyes struggled to adjust to the bright glare of the bare bulb after so many hours in the dark breathing through that moldy smelling bag. Your hands were still securely cuffed behind you.

"Leave him alone you stupid cow." said a man with her as he dropped a plate of rations on the table in front of you with general indifference. "The job is to keep them safe and secure. Your crap just makes my job harder." The man more gently removed a bag from the head of a woman restrained with cuffs and shackles. Under the sack, she is gagged. "You ready to remain calm and eat this time?" he asked.

She nodded, but when he leaned forward to remove the gag, she kicked back with the chair and connected with both feet against his chest. He was lifted in the air with a ughh of escaping air and sailed across the room to slam against the wall with a loud smack. She fell and landed hard on the filthy packed earth floor, screaming threats and curses at them.

"The fruit does not fall far from the tree" Tihomir thought "Marcie Monroe seems to have her father's patience."

Your eyes having adjusted to the light, you studied the room as they roughly gagged and bound Marci. They had moved you to another damp basement like the others, but different. Examining their clothing, you could see where the unit patches had just been removed and the fabric had not even had time to get dirty. This was all the fault of that idiot leader The General. First he builds up an army too large to support and too corrupt to control, then he gets himself killed and abandons tens of thousands of corrupt mercenaries fully armed and looking for anyone who will pay. This is what happens. Chaos and disorder. Your father warned you that greed is one thing, but chaos is generally bad for business. That's why the people look to us to maintain order. Whoever hired these thug soldiers is disturbing the order.

Hands behind your back, you were forced to eat the ration like some sort of an animal. The sadistic woman kept an eye on you while the man had a medic check his bloody scalp. It looked to you like it needed two or three stitches.

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