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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old January 30th, 2005, 09:32 PM
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kaladorn Citizen

This area of thought came up when I was commuting to work. The commute is not short...

So here is the subject I'd like to collect some thoughts on:

The Imperium fights Frontier Wars. But what does this mean to the Imperial Citizenry?

I suppose it may be broken down into 4 'zones':
1) Citizens on planets actually attacked.
2) Citizens on planets near those attacked (that could reasonably be attacked)
3) Citizens in the same domain (ie the Marches) but who are far enough away from the front to never likely see an enemy
4) Citizens from other domains, to whom the Marches may be far away indeed (ie Core, the Solomani Rim, or even Deneb)

How do you see this as affecting people in these zones? I'll add in a 5th 'zone' of sorts: Persons in the military or paramilitary arms of the Imperium.

Do people huddle in fear of attack from the skies?
Do they carry on, unafraid that this will impact their daily lives? Is it like the London Blitz or more like a distant report of Somalian conflict? Does it rate the weekly updates from the Archduke or merely a footnote from TNS?

And if you are in the military, what does it mean to you? Are you actually likely to see combat? How likely are you to get killed? Anyone have actual figures on tonnage or personel losses? Are you likely to be Stop-Lossed when you want to retire due to 'needs of the service'? Or is the Imperial Forces so large that they just discharge you anyway, knowing you are only one of 57 million Marines in the Marches alone!

I guess I'm trying to get the feeling for just how deep an impact the 5FFW would have had on the Marches-dwellers and ex-service folks mustering out into the aftermath. My game is currently in 1114, and I'm not sure if this should be 'old news' by this time, or something that will linger in the memory (and fears/hatreds) of all for the next three or four decades... I'm trying to figure out if 'the War' was the preoccupying activity of the Imperial Military, or if it was just another, slightly larger, minor border action which some people might have been involved in while most of the Forces did other things.

I guess you can play it any way, but I am interested in any kind of cohesive view of it anyone can suggest or any canon that might be illustrative as to the true level of displacement, damage, loss, and general significance this conflict had to March dwellers and to average joes beyond the Marches in the Empire. Is it just like some conflict between England and Argentina to a New Yorker? (a Core Dweller)?

Thoughts, historical commentaries or citations, comments? <If this topic doesn't bring Larsen out of the woodwork with a long ramble, I don't know what will... *poke poke* *grin*>
"Tell them, that from this place we will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been drawn against the darkness. And we will hold that line, .. no matter the cost." -- Cpt. Sheridan "The Long, Twilight Struggle"
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