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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old May 1st, 2015, 07:14 PM
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Default Merchant exploration

People sometimes bemoan the lack of opportunity to explore in campaigns based in the Spinward Marches. This got me thinking.

The UWPs that we have are typically full sets, organised by sector. But it occurred to me that that doesn’t necessarily reflect what would be available to PCs in game. My conjecture is that a typical Imperial merchant’s database would hold an amalgam of multiple data sets.

One dataset might be all system positions and stellar data (but nothing else) for everything in charted space.

Another dataset (from the Survey Office of the IISS) might be full UWPs for all Imperial worlds.

Other polities such as the Swords Words, Darrians, or Zhodani might have datasets. These might be restricted or not to outsiders, and/or be available for a small fee.

But then what of all the independent worlds, even in The Spinward Marches? Might worlds with a class A/B/C starport have datasets for sale composed of full UWPs for all other worlds within 'n' parsecs that have class A/B/C starports?

Of course the IISS knows a lot about worlds beyond the Imperial border (out to a certain range) but these aren't sold through the Survey Office. Is this extra-Imperial data released to civilians at all?

A merchant, leaving Imperial space, might spent some of its time in ports… not trading cargo but trying to buy maps to nearby systems.


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