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Old January 26th, 2013, 01:24 PM
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Default Space 1999 - Reboots and All

When I was a child, I loved Space 1999. My brother and I had the "staple gun" laser pistol toys, and we'd zap each other around the coffee table. I built the Eagle spacecraft model and piloted it around the yard, landing on strange planets. One time, my mom bought me a solid colored shirt with a single large patch of a different color. My brother got one of these shirts, too, though his coloring patterns differed. These looked nothing like the Space 1999 costumes, but that didn't stop me from imagining that we wore the updated uniforms of Moonbase Alpha.

Unlike Star Trek, my love of Space 1999 dwindled away with the coming of junior high school and...girls. I basically forgot about the show.

Then, about a year ago, I decided to check with Netflix to see if the DVDs were available. They were...and I popped in Disc 1.

I went no further.

Two thoughts came to me from that experience. First, I remain quite impressed with the special effects, costumes, and set design from almost 40 years ago that are still standing the test of time quite well. The show STILL looks good--even better than many more modern scifi shows.

Second, I realized that Space 1999 wasn't the laser-scorching shoot-em-up action-romp that I saw as a kid. Hell, back then, I loved just about anything with a ray gun in it.

No, Space 1999, to me, is the result of the producers watching 2001: A Space Odyssey and saying to their partners, "Hey! Let's take Kubrick's film and turn it into a TV series!"

The stories I reviewed on that first Space 1999 DVD are quite good. It's just the way that they're told. Jeez! So FREAKIN' SLOW!

I may give it another go, but I've got to re-adjust my expectation first.

I'm here to tell you about a couple of reboots, though. First off, there are rumors that the show will be reinvented and sold to TV somewhere. Though not definite yet, speculation is that Space 2099 might be on ABC sometime this year.

I've got mixed feelings about what I've read on the Space 2099 reboot. The show is created by the same people that brought us the recent reboot of V, and I was less than impressed with that show (didn't really like the first one, either, back in the 80's).

For me, what's more exciting, though, is the reboot and continuation of the series in graphic novel format.

I received this first book, and I've pre-ordered book #2, though I've had no time to read the thing yet. From flipping through it, I can tell you that the entire book looks phenomenal. My hope is that the book will play on all the strengths of the original show (the interesting stories) without bringing forward its weaknesses (the slow pace, which is more of a TV production thing--not something that I will carry forward with me in my imagination as I read this book).

From what I understand, this continuation and reboot of the show is supposed to incorporate (quite well drawn) comics from the 70's with brand new stories. The older comics are "remastered", meaning that they're recolored and even rewritten in parts for continuity and to appeal to a more adult audience. We're supposed to see the story of another timeline where Kennedy was not assassinated (leading to the Moonbase in 1999), and see what effect the moon had on the earth when it pulled away. There's supposed to be "human" stories, showing the reactions of the Moonbase's loved ones when they realize the moon is gone, as well as "Big Idea" stories that were the core of the original show.

I'm excited and eager to delve into it.

I'll come back and report on this graphic novel once I've read it.

EDIT: One more thing. If you're interested, there's a line of Space 1999 novels being published by Powys Media. These look to be some sort of self-publishing, and I don't know about the quality. But, it looks like they've been publishing these things for over a decade, and they are written by different authors. I see that they're also reprinting some of the 70's Space 1999 novels by the likes of E.C. Tubb, author of the Dumarest novels. Click Here To Check Them Out.

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