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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old July 18th, 2020, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by boomslang View Post
Yeah; operationally, it's often much more fuel than smaller ships actually use in practice (cf. Beltstrike).

As per page 11 of the Belter's Handbook, a 100dt, Plant-2 Type S which "must" carry 20dt of fuel to support 4 weeks of power plant operations typically burns through less than 1 dton of fuel per week even if you constantly hotdog it around at 2Gs.

Plus, if you hack a Type S into a Type J, you are either breaking the Jump fuel requirement or the power fuel requirement. I always figure that 10Pn is a rule-of-thumb safety regulation, rather than a descriptive metric. At 30 dtons total, a Type J does in fact carry 10Pn in available fuel -- 20dt -- but operators often fly around on less, having burned a full 20 dtons to make a J-2 previously. The 30 dtons of fuel a Type J carries by default in integral tankage meets both the Jump fuel and power plant fuel guidelines, just not combined, so I figure the ship is granted its spaceworthiness certificate and allowed to operate from starports with 20dt to meet either requirement and 10dt left over to partially satisfy the other, as needed by the varying particulars of how it is operated.

Finally, there is the weird problem that -- for example -- a model A power plant "needs" 20dt of fuel to operate in a Type S, but the exact same drive only requires 10 dtons when installed in a Type A. The rule assumes the Model A power plant drives the same model A M-drive at the same output -- 200Gee-tons -- somehow twice as efficiently in the bigger ship, Beltstrike notwithstanding.

And in both cases, the power plant is apparently really only using ~.75 dtons of fuel a week, tops. The 20dt a Type S carries should be good for not merely 4 weeks, but more like 26 weeks -- half a year or so. (Which is not a big deal, since fuel for a Type S can often be had for free anyway.)

Hence the definite "oddnesss" of the rule...
Seems to me that the Beltstrike fuel consumption rules were built with High Guard ships in mind (at the very least, written so they wouldn't invalidate HG designs), which is why they look silly when applied to a converted Type S.

I still think the Type S has the extra fuel for Jump purposes (this is non-canon and requires some apparently dubious rules interpretations).

It can do a J1 and a J2 consecutively by only using the powerplant at Pn-2 during the week in J-2.

Or, it can do an emergency J-1 from just outside the 10D limit (and with Pn-2, do it in one HG turn instead of two), accept the misjump, and still have a chance of re-entering normal space with enough fuel to Jump to a self-rescue. ("So you're saying there's a chance?")

It's extremely high-risk, but the Type S is such a woefully poor combat platform that its odds of surviving a running battle to the 100D limit make a misjump the less-risky option...
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