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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old February 20th, 2001, 07:36 PM
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Doris Starblaze Citizen


I must also put up a disclaimer on my FIRST Traveller character I ever
ran. The 1980's were a bold and daring time, I must say and our
characters were very creative in the extreme. I ran in the same
universe that Marc Glenn did and we had many an adventure! But alas,
things do change and as Marc went off into the other bold adventure,
"real life", I continued to play my original character. There is a lot of
water through the fuel purification plant since then. So without further
ado, I present, Doris Starblaze.

Doris Starblaze
Human (Vilani) Female
6'3", 170 lbs, Red Hair, Gold Eyes, TanComplexion
Age: ???? years (Due to Anagathics, cloning and time travel, estimates
range upwards of over
142 yes old - See, I told you it was wild)

· Admin-2
· Broadsword-2
· Sword-1
· Brawling-2
· Bribery-3
· Carousing-1
· Computer-4
· Forgery-2
· Gambling-1
· Auto wepaons-2
· Leader-1
· Liaison-2
· Medical-1
· Navigation-3
· Pilot-2
· Streetwise-2
· Survival-1
· Tactics-1
· Vacc suit-2
· Ship's Boat-1
· Zero-G combat-1
· Security systems-1
· Disguise-1
· Trade & speculation-1

Doris was the brawny and brainy daughter of some backwoods farmers
on Regina. She lived her young life keeping her dreams alive and waiting
for her chance to escape her backwoods life. She got her chance when
she joined the Merchant Service and soon was promoted to officer
status after having graduated from Merchant service Academy Summa
cum Laude. She served 6 terms in the Merchant service and retired at
the age of 42 with a 200 ton merchant ship and a pocketful of credits.
She soon embarked on a career that would make many blush with the
audacity of it. A smuggler, a trader and a spy she roamed the vast
trading lanes and backwaters of the Spinward marches. Doris learned
her way around the Spinward marches and got her first big break when
she turned a small cache of computer parts into a major sale and paid
off her ship and sold it immediately and laid keel on her first ship of her
own design. The Starmirage was and still is her "baby". The Star mirage
was a fast little 200 ton trader. She then began to specialize in "risky"
cargo's and made even more money. During this time she met up with
Marc Glenn and his legendary "8-ball", 800 ton Mercenary cruiser. Doris
and Marc always had a stormy relationship but it was profitable. This
period was a grand time, money was made and the start of DeHaviland
Star research inc was created. Dehaviland Star research was a
multi-system corporation with aspirations to greatness. The keystones
of DeHaviland were shipbuilding and computer research. But, alas, even
good things come to an end and Marc went his separate way and Doris
was left to make her way alone until she met with even more outlandish
crews to adventure with. During this period, Doris somehow met with
the Ancient Grandfather. And after doing good service for the Ancient
she was awarded with a unique gift. The other adventurers wanted
many things, weapons to help stop the 5th frontier war (which is
another story all together) and other things. Doris thought, why not get
the formula for a drink, a drink that most any race that was seeded by
the Ancients could drink and enjoy, that was not alcoholic and
non-addictive, but was refreshing and rewarding in and of itself.
Grandfather, seeing this as rather benign, gave her the secret formula
and "Havacola" was born. The 5th frontier war ended and Dehaviland
was in a shambles due to "nationalization" of the shipyards and other
factors. But it was "Havacola" that helped Doris' corporation through the
storm and is now widely consumed throughout the Spinward marches
and the main. The reason for this was an ingenious AD campaign in
which a bottle of the refreshing drink was sold for 2 credits and 1 credit
was given to the war orphans fund. DeHavliand star and Havacola are
much larger now and well on their way to megacorporation status to
rival many others in the Spinward marches. So many other adventures
have been told and retold about Drois and the groups she worked with,
that fact and fiction are well mixed. Doris is an enigmatic figure in the
Spinward marches, she is followed and written about, but she is very
private and does not like the limelight, even though it has a tendency to
fall on her. She trusts very few and has survived a very long time
because of it. She lives in the Sennliss Federate, not far from District
268, just outside the confines of the Imperium and it's influences. She
now is part owner in GDW (Glenn-Dehaviland Works).

Note: this is a HIGHLY abbreviated history, with just a few highlights.
The campaign that Doris has lived in is over 16 years old. So many hours
of enjoyment in play, so many characters, so many adventures in the
infinite Traveller universe.

P.S. I mean I did'nt even mention the fact that her first built ship looked
almost like the Millennium Falcon. Go figure! Where did THAT come from?
*chuckle* What can I say? I was young and in love with that ship. If
you want the deck plans, I have them.

This character was generated using the standard extended generation
from Merchant prince and merchants and Merchandise published by
Paranoia Press

@Havacola is a trademark of Bruce Runnels.

Flame on gentlebeings!
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