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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old March 27th, 2005, 03:25 PM
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Draft #1
This has been moved here from Reservist-class Field Repair Ship: Post 000013.

This way, the rules can receive general review here, and further dicussion specific to the other topic can occur there.

HG2 Design Sequence Option:

Framework Structures:

A framework is a specialized dispersed structure meant to be used in space. The most typical use for a framework is in construction in space environments, usually for starships or components for habitats or other constructs. It cannot mount drives (jump, manuever, or power plant), and cannot be streamlined or enter into an atmosphere. It can serve, however, as mounts for various systems, and the most common are industrial mechanical arms, although other equipment may be mounted possible (including command centers, habitats, lighting systems, storage containers, and personnel capture systems).

A framework has three main characteristics. It has its own volume, it has the volume it can enclose, and it has a cost.

The enclosable volume of a framework is the volume of starship it can enclose, of any configuration, not the actual amount of physical volume inside the framework. Only supremely odd starships, like cylinders built to be unusually long and thin, etc., cannot fit inside a framework's enclosable volume.

Some frameworks are built in special fashion, they are literally built to fold up upon themselves into neat compact packages. They are bigger and more expensive than normal.

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Tech Level Coefficients (TLC)

TL Vol Cost
8 1.5 50000 Cr
9 1.4 45000 Cr
10 1.3 42500 Cr
11 1.2 40000 Cr
12 1 35000 Cr
13 .8 32500 Cr
14 .6 30000 Cr
15 .4 25000 Cr

Collapsible Structure Coefficients (CSC)

8 2 3
9 1.9 2.8
10 1.8 2.6
11 1.7 2.4
12 1.6 2.2
13 1.5 2
14 1.4 1.8
15 1.3 1.6

Enclosable Volume = EV
Framework Volume = FV

Framework Volume Calculation

FV = EV * .05 * TLC * CSC

Collapsed Framework Volume (CFV)


Framework Cost = FC

Framework Cost Calculation

FC = FV * TLC * CSC</pre>[/QUOTE]The above is an extreme rough draft of HG2 rules (and peripheral components are not yet considered).

I'm posting this here in order to get input.

For a test, a barebones TL-12 collapsible framework meant to enclose a 5000 dTon volume will have a volume of 400 dTons and a cost of 30.8 MCr. It's effective volume when collapsed will be 640 dTons, and a containing vessel will need to support that much volume.
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