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Old December 16th, 2013, 08:49 AM
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Default Tigress class dreadnaughts

Here's a little something I've been working on for many a year: The names of Tigress class dreadnaughts. AFAIK only three Tigress class ships have ever been named, the Tigress (of course), the Pantheress, and the Lioness (If anyone knows of any other canonical reference to a Tigress, please let me know). But there are between 160 and 224 Tigresses in all, depending on how you interpret the statement 'Additional Tigress class BatRons are generally assigned one per sector'. Is that one BatRon per sector with an Imperial presence, even those with only two Imperial subsectors? Or is it one per 16 subsectors? Or something in between? Currently I'm going with 160, 20 squadrons' worth, but I wouldn't object to 22 or 24 squadrons. 28 seems unlikely to me. YMMV.

Until recently I just maintained a list of names that I added to whenever I stumbled across a new one, but recently I began trying to figure out the order they were built, going with the more well-known species and subspecies first and more complex, awkward and dubious names later. Currently I have 60 names on the list:

No.    Name                Laid Down   First    Builder          Notes
18511  Tigress              025-1078  172-1082  Semath No. 1
18512  Lioness              042-1078  218-1082  Silverring       AB
18513  Leopardess           077-1078  236-1082  Menkhakre
18514  Pantheress           092-1078  254-1082  Greyfleur        A
18515  Cougaress            120-1078  279-1082  Datta
18516  Jaguaress            144-1078  312-1082  Yard 23
18517  Cheetaess            146-1078  300-1082  Shaan Gig
18518  Ocelotess            171-1078  351-1082  Yard 19 No. 5

18519  Bengal Tigress       170-1078  337-1082  Ball Chaser
18520  Sibirian Tigress     177-1078  011-1083  Yard 19 No. 4
18521  Sumatran Tigress     206-1078  068-1083  C&I
18522  Cape Lioness         212-1078  007-1083  Semath No. 2
18523  Snow Leopardess      227-1078  046-1083  Shibashliim
18524  Lynxess              235-1078  034-1083  Dromedari Nawab
18525  Gynosphinx           258-1078  155-1083  Nirkre + Aarnas
18526  Pardess              257-1078  224-1083  Sharammir No. 7
18527 Smilodontess
18528 Mountain lioness
18529 Catamountess
18530 Spotted Lioness
18531 Margayess
18532 Caracaless
18533 Ouncess
18534 Servaless

18535 Katanga Lioness
18536 Malayan Tigress
18537 Asiatic Lioness
18538 Indochinese Tigress
18539 Masai Lioness
18540 Malayan Tigress
18541 Transvaal Lioness
18542 Indian Tigress

18543 Tigoness
18544 Ligeress
18545 Tigardess
18546 Leoponess
18547 Tiguaress
18548 Leguaress
18549 Jaglioness
18550 Liguaress

18551 Jaguarundiess
18552 Lipardess
18553 Pumapardess
18554 Jagupardess

18555 Black Tigress
18556 Red Lioness
18557 Blue Tigress
18558 Golden Tigress
18559 White Lion
18560 White Tigress
18561 Red Tigress
18562 Black Jaguaress

18563 Sabertoothed Tigress
18564 Cave Lioness
18565 Caspian Tigress
18566 Barbary Lioness
18567 Javan Tigress
18568 Cape Lioness
18569 Bali Tigress
18570 Ceylon Lioness


Ball Chaser = Ball Chaser Group. LIC
C&I = Cuschapesc and Inremiirshii Comprehensive Constructions
Datta = Hong Datta and Siblings, Inc
Dromedari Nawab = Dromedari Nawab
Greyfleur = Greyfleur Yard
Menkhakre = Menkhakre Shipbuilding and Construction Company, LIC
Nirkre + Aarnas = Nirkre + Aarnas
Palastrup Værft = Palastrup Shipyard
Semath = Semath Infrastructure and Shipbuilding Company
Shaan Gig = Shaan Gig & Company
Sharammir = Sharammir Shipbuilding Corporation
Shibashliim = Shibashliim Naval Yards
Silverring = Silverring National Yards
Yard 19 = Yard 19
Yard 23 = Yard 23
I have another 30 names or so from Earth nature and mythology, including such gems as North East Congo Lioness and Loupcervierss (but not media awards, so no golden leopards or golden lions (though I was very tempted to include Jad-bal-ja, Tarzan's golden lion )).

But I was thinking that at about this point, the Imperial Navy's Office of Coming up with Names for Ships might have begun to look for offworld inspiration, both actual great cats (descendants of great cats transplanted by the Ancients) and animals from other biospheres that looked enough like great cats to be named after lions and tigers and... well, other great cats.

At the moment I only have a handful of ideas for alien great cats.

Snowcat is canonical; it is native to Fulacin and to a great many other (unnamed) worlds in Charted Space (multiple different species with the same name). But I can't think of a usable female form of 'cat', so that's not much help. (You may think that 'catess' is just as good as 'lynxess' and 'margayess', but I don't ).

The zebralion I came up with many years ago when I was naming boloball teams for the Spinward Marches league (IMTU, of course). It's native to Zivije, though now that I actually get around to checking up on Zivije and note that it has a corrosive atmosphere, I wonder just how close the resemblance to great cats would be .

The rest of the handful I just came up with a few days ago:

Mock Tiger
Faux Tiger
... Leopard, Panther, Cougar, Jaguar, Cheetah, Ocelot.

Don't ask me why the tiger versions differ like they do. It just seemed right to me.

Any of these could be found in multiple versions.

Well, that's about what I have so far, except that I have a notion that the very last name in the original production run would be Early Middle Pleistocene European Cave Lioness (EMPEC Lioness for short).

I've also thought about adding some replacement <Name> II's. GT mentions a Lioness II built to replace the Lioness, lost in the 5FW. But how many, if any, Tigresses would have been lost prior to 5FW and for what reasons? Opinions? Suggestions?

EDIT: Sep 11th 2014: I've added some details to the first sixteen entries.

I hereby give permission to anyone doing legitimate work in the Traveller Universe (including work for pay) to use any ideas and/or text in this post, paraphrased or verbatim, if they like.
[I]"It also has to make sense."[/I]

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