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Old May 12th, 2011, 09:36 AM
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Default Were there any "Official" upgrades to the Book 1 career generation system?

I know the later books gave us Mercenary, High Guard, Scout, Merchant Prince, etc, what I was wondering was if any of that material was retro-fitted to the Book 1 system (also used in the Citizens of the Imperium supplement) to reflect the new skills that had appeared since then.

To give an example of a system I'd use, for a Book 1 Merchant I would automatically give one level of Trader skill and incorporate a new table that had Carousing, Broker, Trader, Leader, Legal and Liason which could only be rolled on if a promotion had been gained that term of service, the "Advanced Service Skills Table".

You could incorporate similar into the other basic career charts, Scouts could have a roll equivalent to promotion, 8+ (with +1 DM per term served) to see if Advanced Service Skills were available to them that term.

The Other career would automatically grant one skill of the player's choice and would allow a roll of 8+ (with a +1 DM if Intelligence OR Education is 8+) per term to again grant a +1 in a skill of the players choice. Skills chosen can be ones on the regular Other skills lists if desired, skills that are not on these lists cannot be taken at more than level 2.

Additionally that blank spot on the Other mustering out table would be a special. Roll once dice, on a 1 or 2 you have a jail term added to your career, four years with any associated aging rolls, +1 Streetwise, -1 Social, on a 3 or 4 you get nothing, on a 5 or 6 you get a Seeker.

Vehicle skill for all classes would be as in "Citizens" and be a choice between wheeled, tracked or grav.

You see I prefer the simpler Book 1 system to the later more complicated versions, but I did want to take account of the new skills. I also wanted to make the Other career a little more attractive. Still in two minds as to whether that roll for the Scout and Other would be an extra skill as opposed to the one skill they would otherwise roll for that term but it seemed a little unfair that they don't get promotion and automatic rank skills as the other services do so this would even up the balance a little.

Sure someone else has done something like this, has it ever been published anywhere?

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