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Old June 12th, 2009, 09:07 PM
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Default An open letter to Mods and Admins


My name is Dale Meier; I'm the Creative Director for Hell Creek Sanitarium, a licensee of Mongoose Publishing's Traveller RPG.

I'm about to touch a very large nerve here, so please have your novocaine or other high-power analgesic of your choice at hand.

I'd like to talk about the current treatment of fans, writers, and companies who have chosen to publish Traveller material for Mongoose, either through Mongoose or the third party license.

First of all, I understand nerdrage and edition wars are part and partial to any RPG. I've witnessed the flames and tears born out of edition changes for D&D and Traveller. What I am distressed over is the obvious apathy by the mods and administration of CotI to curb the rancor and snark which Whipsnade and others continue to unleash over MGT's fans and producers.

While stating your dislike of a new edition, complaining about discrepancies in canon, and generally correcting people's errors are natural, the amount of animosity I have witnessed between the detractors and defenders of MGT here can hardly be called healthy.

Is CotI that hard up for readers/posters that your mods can't take a hard line to make sure everybody plays nicely? Are they so afraid of offending someone or having someone flame out and leave that they can't give MGT fans and writers equal protection here?

I'm a regular over at RPGNet. Started out as a lurker/infrequent poster during the board's wild and wooly days in the mid 1990s. The temperature and overall environment has cooled since a consistent enforcement of the board's rules began. Yes, we've witnessed some massive flameouts at RPGNet, including one by a well-known figure in the industry. Almost all of those departures (with the special exception of said industry figure) - both permanent and temporary - have made RPGNet a better place in my eyes and those of many of the other regulars there.

It has been said that when the mods try to take a hard line that they get accused of tyranny. You'll get that. Boy, will you get that in spades. However, if you let people run roughshod over each other, the community won't grow beyond its current squalor. I've seen RPGNet grow and benefit from its current moderator crew and the enforcement of rules there.

I'm not bringing RPGNet up here to start a cross-board war. I'm only trying to give the staff here some kind of input from the poster's perspective on how to make this a better place for everyone. What I'm seeing here is a small gang of dissenters hiding behind the excuse of "opinion" in order to freely bash anybody who supports and defends an edition they don't like. Were they to post in the same manner on RPGNet or even the Mongoose boards, they would be labeled trolls and subjected to a pitchfork and torch party led by the moderation staff.

As a publisher, I can certainly say that the rancor expressed by Whipsnade and others has made me twice shy about posting announcements here. When someone goes into business, they advertise in areas where their products will thrive and where there is a chance for growth. I'm not seeing that here with regard to the Mongoose portion of the board. What I am witnessing makes me wonder if advertising products here is a waste of time and energy.

If this post stirs up a storm for people, I'm sorry. That's not my intent. My intent is to help this community grow and thrive. If that gets me banned from here, so be it. At least I've spoken my piece.

Pax et bonum,

Dale Meier
Creative Director
Hell Creek Sanitarium
Omaha, NE

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