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Old June 18th, 2009, 04:01 PM
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Default So what am I supposed to do?

It's clear that Hunter wants to continue to ignore the elephant in the room and it's clear that Hunter is either totally oblivious to or don't care about or in denial about CotI's terrible reputation as a place to discuss Mongoose Traveller. And it's clear that all you want to do is close and stifle and stamp out any discussion about the serious problems that this board has, and that you have no qualms about banning people for raising it while being perfectly willing to allow the people who cause the problems to remain.

I have reported posts, I have PM's moderators, I have posted on this board, all for nothing. Hunter and his staff here are deliberately denying there is a problem. Their solution is just to tell me to leave, or more likely ban me for speaking my mind. So much for "freedom of speech" - it seems that we are free to criticize and insult Mongoose and to insult people for liking it, but not to criticize the running of this board when there is very obviously a problem here.

This doesn't make the underlying problem go away though. Banning me will not make it go away either. So my point remains - what are you going to do about the overwhelmingly negative attitude on the Mongoose boards and the bad reputation that CotI and QLI have because of it? Nothing? Seriously? And you're just going to Warn and/or Ban anyone who complains about it? Are you so keen to lose even more people because you can't accept some uncomfortable truths about this board?

So be it. Just don't complain about how everyone is leaving your "community" because of it then (of course, anyone who points out any better places to go just gets banned for that too. ). The fact that so many complaints have been raised about it by many other people here (all of whom have subsequently been banned, it seems) shows how much of a problem this is. Are they all "troublemakers" or could they perhaps have a point?

Either way, I guess I'll be joining the Honored Ranks of the Banned for this. I seem to be in good company in that regard.

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