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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old June 6th, 2018, 12:56 PM
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Default Lt Commander Andon Miry Ruorial

CEO of Ruorial LIC, an Interface Merchant Line
Lt Commander Andon Miry Ruorial Terms 8 Age 52

Academic (College, University), Terms 2
ex-Imperial Navy, Terms 4
Merchant (Current Career), Terms 2

UPP: 6A5BF9 in 1140

Languages: Gangelic 4, Lanth 4, Vargr 1, Vilani 2, Sylean 2,

Decorations: MCUF x1 , MCG x2, Combat Action Ribbon x5, Combat Command x2,

Skills: Act/Bluff 1, Administration 3, Astrogation 1, Armoury 1, Animal Handling 0, Bribery 1, Broker 2, Commo (Astro) 1, Computer 1,
Electronics 1, Flyer (Grav) 1,Handgun 1, Instruction 1, Legal 1, Mechanical 1, Pilot (I/G) 1, Starship Architect 4, Sensor Ops 1,
Swimming 1, Diving 1, Ship Tactics 1, Steward 0, Trader 4, Vacc Suit 2

Mixed Sylean Male Human
Ht: 1.87 Wt: 85 kg

Mustering Out: Cr 230,000

Born 325-1089 on Lanth/Spinward Marches. His parents Iimaru Kiidansen (Sylean) and Bekneco Ruorial (mixed-Vilani) both Officers of the IN.
He was educated at a religious school called Hearbytes. At college he excelled and graduated with first class honours in Business Administration. He attended university and graduated second honours with Commerce Masters coursework. After university he attended the Naval Academy despite having missed selection in NOTC. He graduated with B. of Naval Science.

During the first term in the Imperial Navy he was assigned to Macene as a Fleet Officer in Training. At the Naval Building yards he excelled in Naval Architecture, despite being sieged by senior officers who felt threatened by his performance.

After reenlisting with rank O2, he was reassigned to the Engineering Branch aboard a Close Escort. His CO was unfortunately KIA during a brushfire war against Vargr Corsairs near Nasemin/Aramis however Andon was able to save his crew with some battle repairs and jump back to Junidy. He was promoted to O3 and given command of the Close Escort for the remainder of the term and returned to do battle with the Corsairs.

He asked his Admiral for a destroyer and escorts to go back to Nasemin and defeat the Vargr, who had invaded the Planet. Nasemin is an important client world and his request was granted. When the fleet arrived, he was reassigned as a Destroyer Escort Bridge Officer. The IN fleet jumped to Nasemin and easily found the Vargr fleet and a battle ensued. The Vargr had invaded the planet in battalion strength and the IN fleet was forced to return to Aramis and request Marine support. A Fleet Escort was assigned to the Destroyer fleet with 3000 Imperial Marines and Fighter support. After the Fleet Escort arrived the Battle of Nasemin 1126 was short and swift and the IN forces were victorious the following year. Andon received Highly Confidential Security Clearance though his term report was satisfactory.

He re-enlisted and was assigned to the Line Branch. The Destroyer Escort was assigned to the Aramis main on picket duty and saw pirate action during a strike and a battle while protecting merchants.
Apparently his Admiral thought that he was not a Ship’s Captain as, after re-enlisting he was assigned to command a Naval Technical School at Macene.

He ran the school well and created several battle simulations for real ship’s crews to train in based on his previous experience. These simulated battles resulted in his promotion to O4. Somewhat disappointed with the navy he signed his discharge papers when the term was complete. On mustering out Andon realized he had a huge nest egg in credits. He found a PMC called Suliman Security on Aramanx and hired them before they were recruited by Sternmetal for a short cadre ticket to run rifles and troops to Pysadi to secure the grape and wheat crop. It was a cake walk and he walked away with nearly 10MCr eight months later.

After discharge from the IN, life got interesting. He ran a couple of charters and some speculative trade into Deneb Sector which was enough for him to get a loan from the Magash government to buy a Subsidized Merchant ship, the Hard Bargain. He captained the ship for a few years, and ran speculative and exploratory trade in the Sabine and Inar Subsectors and seemed to get 400% profits each run. He soon had enough to subsidise another ship in the Spinward Main. A year or two later he bought a Subsidized Liner ploughing a regular route in the Mora and Glisten subsectors.
Now 1140, he has a fleet of 17 ships in Deneb and Spinward with over 700 employees called Ruorial LIC. He has just purchased a Broadsword class PMC.
IMTU Craig Cook 0209 X466876-C S kk- hi+ as+ va++ dr++ ith+ vr-- ne- so++ zh++ vi++ da+ sy+ R 833

tc+ tm tn+ t4+ ru- ge+ 3i+ c+ jt j+ pp+ au+ ls+ pi+
he+ kk- hi+ as+ va++ dr++ ith+ vr- ne- so+ zh+ vi+ da+ sy+

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