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Old December 19th, 2002, 11:45 AM
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Ok, here is the story so far:
I'm running a T20 game set in the alternate time line from GT (GURPS Traveller) set in District 268. It looks like its going to be a merchant campaign with a whole amazing 3 players. We have the captain/navigator/owner a near raciest solomni, the Engineer/power-gamer (no, you cannot have an Infrared cyber-eye,) and the psychotic MD/steward (I got of my damned home world I'm never going to be stuck on a planet I don’t like ever again (she says as she buys the auto-pistol [oath? What oath?])) The first session has the merchant buying his far-trader, 40+ years old with problems. He decides to take out a bigger loan and upgrade the power plant (T20 A2 doesn't have excess power for weapons) so they put in a TL13 monster with excess power which they can use for Agility or to power two pulse lasers. (I'm just waiting for them to start the pirating thing…)
I've set up the political background as follows. McClellan Factors, trying to regain some of there market share in the district has negotiated and or bought exclusivity rights for imperial shipping with the TTC (Trexalon Trade Consortium.) The PC group has connections to another Major Corporation whose name escapes me at the moment. This company doesn’t really like this set up for sevral reasons, mostly because they are trying to crush McClellan Factors. They decide to bring the "Leviathan merchant Cruiser" To Colace to show the flag and be ready if this turns the cold war hot. The master plan is to bring a flotilla of merchant vessels with them on the voyage from Glisten to Colace as a "show of economic force" and convince the TTC to ship with everyone.
Of corse as an evil® game master I have a master-plan. At the risk of spoiling it for my players (who, AFAIK don’t read this board.) The Zhodoni have decided that after the 5th frontier war that military engagements like they used in the past will be of limited success for them in curbing imperial expansion. They have begun a campaign of subversion Behind the Claw. One of there major goals is keeping District 268 from becoming a full fleged imperial member. They also are messing with Garoo.
The Zhodoni agents assigned to the district have decided that the Colace/TTC cold war is just the tool they need to keep the region unstable and thus unfit for total Imperial membership. The campaign will resolve around the group slowly becoming aware that things aren't right and theirs a pattern behind seemingly random events.
The reason I'm posting this is multifaceted. First off, I think its cool and want to show off. The major reason, however, is that the Merchant captain character is played by the man who taught me to be an evil® GM, so I'll have a hard time out smarting him and a board traveller nut brains is better than one. Any thoughts, comments, cool sounding additions?

Christopher Schroeder
New and improved Travller nut brains with Rasins!
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