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The Cleon Memorial Library For discussion of Traveller fiction, both official and fan-written. Fan-written drafts are explicitly welcome.

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Old June 23rd, 2019, 04:23 PM
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Cast of Characters, Ships and Peoples

Zhevra Cannagrrh – female, Suedzuk Vargr Equal from the Enclave Famuurueroergoghz in the former Vargr Enclaves, main character
Allain Templeton – male, Human Regency advocate interviewing Zhevra
Khzaeng – male, Aekhu Vargr telepath and registered Psion adept in the Regency
Captain Aeghzllo – male, Logaksu Vargr captain of a scavenging loot hauler starship
“Eng Vorrg” Tooth Decay – female, Logaksu Vargr crewperson aboard the loot hauling scavenger ship
Madam Karrnae – female, Logaksu Vargr Madam training captured slaves to be sold as concubines
Gevaudan Cannagrrh – male, Gvegh Vargr Equal, a Scout-Courier and Captain of the Sixth Horizon, Zhevra’s mate husband
Vincent and Bob – robots, Human-make, Vargr-shaped chassis, Servitor robot crew aboard the Sixth Horizon
Arksouel – female, Urzaeng Vargr, a huge and territorial concubine
Dhaeos – female, Logaksu Vargr, a concubine studying to be an accountant
Aerrkang – male, Logaksu Vargr, a male concubine on the same ship as Zhevra
Dame Qithka Cannagrrh – female, Gvegh Vargr Equal, former Journalist and Entertainer act0r, Alpha of Pack Cannagrrh, Gevaudan’s sister
Nurse Dhudztarr – female, Gvegh Vargr Equal, nurse assigned to Zhevra upon waking from her coma
Doctor Vhugh – male, Gvegh Vargr Equal, Zhevra’s physician at the hospital
Genaveegh – female, Gvegh Vargr Unequal, concubine, Madame and third wife of Gevaudan Cannagrrh, forsook his name upon divorce, writes to Zhevra in the hospital during her coma
Housekeeper Vrrakh – female, Gvegh Vargr Equal, an ex-military Marine, housekeeper and security for the Cannagrrh Villa
Raegksungkuen “Rae” – female, Gvegh Vargr, head chef of the Cannagrrh Villa household
Dhurranae – female, Gvegh Vargr, youngest daughter of Dr. Adhllu Cannagrrh, wants to be a researcher
Gaenkarrg – male, Gvegh Vargr, eldest of three from Dr. Adhllu Cannagrrh, studying to be an Emissary
Faedoukhdaekuell “Fade” – female, Gvegh Vargr, middle cub of three from Dr. Adhluu Cannagrrh, wants to be an Agent someday
Anglla, Laor, Nurki – female, Gvegh Vargr, teenage triplet daughters of Captain Voellzoen
Captain Voellzoen Cannagrrh – male, Gvegh Vargr Equal, son of elderly Admiral Orgorr Cannagrrh, flagship commander, a Pack Traditionalist
Doctor Adhllu Cannagrrh – female, Gvegh Vargr Equal, physician and Doctor of Genetics specializing in Vargr phenotypes, a Pack Progressive, daughter of Dr. Azvarrkoel
Doctor Azvarrkoel – male, Gvegh Vargr Equal, retiring trauma doctor, a Pack Progressive
Admiral Orgorr Cannagrrh– male, Gvegh Vargr Equal, elderly, naval veteran of the Equality War, a Pack Traditionalist
Lieutenant Dhueth Cannagrrh – male, Gvegh Vargr Unequal, conscientious objector to the Equality Test, former navy pilot, Privateer, son of Adm. Orgorr, Capt. Voellzoen’s elder brother, Pack Traditionalist
Sub-Lieutenant Knirr – female, Gvegh Vargr Unequal, conscientious objector to the Equality Test, former navy pilot, Privateer, daughter and youngest offspring of Adm. Orgorr, Pack Traditionalist
Kaer Cannagrrh – male Gvegh Vargr Unequal, son of Dr. Azvarrkoel, conscientious objector to the Equality Test, Prospector, does not appear in Zhevra’s story, Pack Progressive
Khaez Cannagrrh – male, Gvegh Vargr Unequal, first objector in the Pack to the Equality Test, Pack Progressive, does not appear in Zhevra’s story, and undecided member without faction
Khaezgorr Cannagrrh – male, Gvegh Vargr Unequal, Psion, Khaez’ son, sterile due to proximity to radioactive ores, does not contact the Pack, Pack Progressive, does not appear in Zhevra’s story
Enforcer Vekalgvo – female, Gvegh Vargr Equal, deceased, investigator who married outside Pack Cannagrrh, her eldest cub committed suicide upon failing the Equality Test, but before his canines could be extracted, two other cubs now also in Law Enforcement- Security, do not appear in Zhevra’s story
Rrokhvikdhung Cannagrrh – male, Gvegh Vargr Equal, Law Enforcement, investigator, deceased, his eldest male cub died during the Equality Test, his next two cubs work in Law Enforcement Enforcer and Security respectively, does not appear in Zhevra’s story
Souegh Cannagrrh – female, Gvegh Vargr Equal, deceased Alpha before Qithka, sibling to Adm. Orgorr and Dr. Azvarrkoel, Emissary in life
Gvanduekh-ak – male, Gvegh Vargr of the Thirz Empire, Emissary and priest of the Church Of The Chosen Ones
Mikirshu Gimudin – male, Vilani Human, Dean of Sociology, University of Regina during the Rebellion
Llakhs – male, Gvegh Vargr, a cab driver in Gnoengungag Bay
Gharvh – male Gvegh Vargr, Unequal, head bouncer at The Deep End
Doctor Hyeilowyueh – female Aslan, Dean of Sociology, University of Regina
Psion Al-rukhaer – male Aekhu Vargr, Dean of Psychoportation, Circle of Mysteries lodge at the University of Regina
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new era, vargr, zhevra's dance

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