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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old June 30th, 2008, 01:47 PM
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Default How Retro ?

One thing I've been thinking of over the past few weeks is How Retro would you go in your TU ?

I watched the entire Firefly series last week and I must admit I like the retro, "pure TL9" feel of some of the technology, especially when intermixed with some of the higher TL stuff (in Ariel or Trash and others).

This link in ShapeShifter's sig reminded me of it

plus those Russian drawings in the thread accusing the Keiths of being pinko-commies ! (Cool pix nonetheless).

Some of the Captain Proton stuff in ST:Voyager isn't half-bad either, I could see his ship or Chuck Yeager's test ship in the intro to ST:Enterprise being re-done to Traveller TL9 specs. Same with Serenity's internal computers and sensors, just plain

GURPS Space 3e had some nice retro-tech drawings too. Plus the stuff you can find on the web.

What's your feelings on it ?

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Thanks, Gadrin
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Old June 30th, 2008, 06:20 PM
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I'm seriously tempted to do my universe in 1950s rocketship style, tail-sitter rockets, no antigrav, just good old Robert Heinlein physics. I've always loved Andre Norton's "Zero Stone", and A.M. Lightner's "Space Ark" and "Space Olympics". I could never figure out how to get a boarding ramp to work in one of those things, though.

Of course, I could go all flying saucer, like "Forbidden Planet"s C57D or the Jupiter 2!
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Old June 30th, 2008, 06:58 PM
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Firefly feels like some backwaters of MTU...

but I don't do "seriously retro"... I like my tech to work, and while one might very well see a ship's captain carrying a handmade horsepistol, I don't do "finned helmets and zapguns".

Now, the Russian drawings, they work. The Kieths and Liz Danforth defined the look and feel of MTU.
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Old June 30th, 2008, 09:05 PM
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I got tired enough of the high tech (TL-15) density, not to mention population density, of my non-OTU that I recently bumped the whole thing forward by 20 years and blew it up.

That way I could tear up and burn down the strip between the major powers the players were most active in by having a nice big intergalactic type war. The kind in the Flandry novels, where to save a world you sometimes had to bomb it into oblivion. Then the major powers pulled back to the original start lines and then some, the treaty says they can't interfere militarily with those worlds (about 3 subsectors worth), but they can send trade missions and use some low tech (TL-11,12) small ships (no more 500K battleships, just 5000 and less) to protect "citizens and trade interests of the Empire".

So now the TL of most places crashed to around and average of 9...ranging from 8-13 depending on how close you are to a trade route or empire. Lots more importation results in taxation which equals plenty of Firefly-type smuggling and dealing while dodging customs cops, so it keeps those Free Traders flying.

More slugthrowers, less laser pistols. Actually, more gunpowder, less gauss, too. The players loved it once they got used to the lower tech feel. I'm shooting constantly for something between Firefly and Outland/Aliens. Air/Rafts are out and wheels are in.
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Old July 1st, 2008, 06:58 AM
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I go pretty much as retro as I can get the Three Little Books to take me. Less grav, more wheels, for certain: Fewer and smaller ships. Tech levels tend to hover around 10 or so on average, just from the natural rolls, so I don't feel like I have to push too much around to get there.
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Old July 1st, 2008, 09:02 AM
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MTU is more 70's retro than anything else, probably because that was when I first got into SF. So, my Traveller universe looks and feels like Blakes 7 would have if they had had a special effects budget (really, some episodes were filmed with no SFX budget). I mentioned elsewhere that clothing IMTU was remarkably similar to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. All of this ties in remarkably well with a game which was published around the same time. My starships really do have rooms filled with computers.

Another reason for "retro-SF" is my friend who sells "security equipment" (i.e. stuff for spying on people) to governments. Based on some of the fiendishly clever devices availabe to those in power, there would be precious little room for adventurer shenannigans in our realistic future.
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Old July 1st, 2008, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Vile View Post
I mentioned elsewhere that clothing IMTU was remarkably similar to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
I think I'd like YTU. I applaud the aesthetics of the jumpsuits Col. Deering wore in the TV series...

Come to think of it, most of her outfits, uh, fit well.
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Old July 2nd, 2008, 02:11 AM
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Of course, that does mean that male corsetry sells quite well IMTU ...
AEONS in the making
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Old July 5th, 2008, 01:29 AM
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I was peeking at this thread, and its awesome references, and stumbled upon a major source that I will share with you all...

When you are a voracious reader, you occasionally run across something worthwhile.
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Old July 5th, 2008, 03:17 AM
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Since ~1989, I've been running CT with the following TL set:

average: 10-11
state-of-the-art: 12
experimental: 13

I like it much better that way.
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